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Divine Potentials of People During Satya Yuga

Updated on August 26, 2015
During Satya Yuga people have control over things that is beyond our imagination.
During Satya Yuga people have control over things that is beyond our imagination. | Source

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Part IV: What Happens During a Yuga Reversal?

Like Sri Yukteswar explains in his book The Holy Science, there are five forms of electricity from which we currently know only two forms - static and current (AC/DC). All five forms have their corresponding own kind of magnetism.

During the high Yuga's, the Tetra Yuga and Satya Yuga, all five forms of electricity are within our comprehension and we are able to use it as well. Sri Yukteswar calls these higher electricities 'divine magnetism'.

About Dolmens and Megalithic Structures in General

Dolmens and megaliths are found on nearly all continents - Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America. The largest collection is found in Korea, that are now placed on the list of Unesco.

It is a fact that similar dolmens are found on all continents - while the inhabitants were separated by oceans at the time dolmens were (supposed to be) built - which is never properly explained by scientists.

Only two answers seem to be viable.

Archaeologists never determined the age of dolmens itself, but assumed their antiquity based upon artefacts found in and around dolmens, concluding that most dolmens were erected just around the Bronze age - 2,000 BC.

The artefacts are in turn dated by using the C14 method. This method of dating back is inevitable, due to a lack of resources to determine the actual date when the structure itself was erected. The age of a stone structure lies somewhere in between two extremes:

  • the age of artefacts, younger than 60,000, can be determined with the C14 method,
  • the age of rocks can be determined with radiometric age dating method.

How to Date Back a Dolmen?

When for example artefacts are determined with the C14 method to be 4,000 years old and rocks of dolmen are determined with Radiometric age dating to be 500 million years old, logically the age of dolmen should be somewhere in between.

But what scientists did when determining the age of dolmens is to date them in the same way as the nearby found artefacts, and this is mere an assumption of the age of a dolmen, it is no conclusive determination of the age.

The assumption that dolmens are erected during approximately the same period, has consequences, since they are found all over the globe in a similar way. The consequence is that Humans must have been connected with each other around the globe. And this fact is unaccounted by science as well. How else do we want to account for that dolmens are almost similar everywhere?

Why Are Dolmens Found Everywhere?

During the Satya Yuga from 16,300 BC to 6,700 BC Humans probably had the possibility to communicate through morphogenetic fields or other for us unknown ways of communication.

The erection of dolmens on a worldwide scale served a certain goal. That Humans were connected all over the globe is logical when looking at the Human capacities during the Satya Yuga cycles. The god-like capacities of Humans, which comes only naturally during a Satya Yuga cycle.

This could mean that dolmens were erected between 6,700 and 16,300 BC and/or between 30,700 and 40,300 BC - during the returning cycles of the Satya Yuga.

Many of the structures like Stonehenge and also Tiahuanaco are in fact dolmen-like structures as well. You cannot look at them in a separated way and then draw conclusions what their purpose might be.

Was Ancient Man Connected All Over the Globe?

How old are dolmens? Well, somewhere between 6,700 years and a few million years old. It's nevertheless most likely that dolmens were built between 6,700 and 16,300 BC. Simply because of one main reason: when all structures all over the world are in principle the same, this must have been because of the inter Human connections. And this was only possible during the Satya Yuga period.

What else scientific explanation is there left? Who believes in 'just' coincidence, also believes in biblical miracles.

How Were Dolmens Built?

How were dolmens built, regarding the enormous weight of the stones? Some stones weigh over 300 tons. How on earth do we think such a stone is lifted? It takes about 5,000 strong men to lift a capstone. There's no way to lift such a stone on its place with just physical power and some primitive tools. Arguing about this, while remaining in the physical realm, results in the most ridiculous theories.

During the Kali Yuga and Dwapara Yuga, people have no control over matter. To imagine how dolmens were built is seen through our way of controlling matter. Our control over matter is only by applying physical or electrical force. And since we assume technological development only went up, we also assume that the dolmen builders had only muscle power, ropes, jacks and other primitive means to raise the heavy stones.

So, We can only imagine solutions by using the same techniques that we would apply in the same situation - using winches, jacks, rolling over trees and hundreds of strong men. It's simply impossible to lift most of the stones in this way. There are even megaliths in Russia weighing more than 4000 tons! How do scientists account for these structures? They can't. They prefer to turn around and look the other way.

During Satya Yuga people had full control over matter. Stones were lifted by using mental powers - levitation. Without any effort. Perhaps supported by tools that focusses thoughts, like cone shaped and pyramid shaped objects. Science has no ways to deal with these theories. Don't expect anything from scientists when it comes to explaining our history.

What Was the Purpose of Dolmens?

One could volunteer to stay on Earth to accompany the living on their quest. The one who remained in a dolmen, passed away during a state of constant mediation, by using a similar technique that is also mentioned in the Emerald Tablets. So, dolmens were used to keep certain voluntary Human spirits on Earth, to accompany the living on their path. Everyone who is able to communicate with a spirit is still able to 'consult' a spirit at a dolmen for advice.

It means that dolmens are useless without the capacity (meaning a low spiritual consciousness) to communicate with spirits. This capacity is only reserved in large numbers during a Satya Yuga cycle and that decreases dramatically as the Yuga cycle turns downward towards Kali Yuga.

Currently are dolmens useless for the majority of the people, but you must be aware of the fact that in and around every dolmen lives an old wise spirit, that never leaves the place. Keep this in mind when you visit these places.

What could be the purpose of Stonehenge? Possibly an attempt to locate the position of Brahma.

Locations of Dolmens and Megalithic Structures

Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Syria, Jordan
Somalia, Ethopia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia
Skandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and most islands around these contries
United States and everywhere in South America
Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Island

An Ignorant Scientific Explanation

This our primitive view on how dolmens would have been raised. We cannot imagine to do it otherwise. Almost everything in these theories is contradictory - time, humans and even step 2 and 3 are contradictory. Stone 3 would end vertically as well
This our primitive view on how dolmens would have been raised. We cannot imagine to do it otherwise. Almost everything in these theories is contradictory - time, humans and even step 2 and 3 are contradictory. Stone 3 would end vertically as well | Source

The capstone shown in the 'scientific' picture above would have been pulled over the two vertical stones. These kind of capstones weigh between 150 and 350 tons. How were they pulled over the gap? What do scientists suggest? By using magic? It's simply impossible with the traditional, ignorant materialistic means to get capstone at its place.

Scientists still haven't explained the building techniques of dolmens.

The Largest Megaliths Are Found in Russia Weighing 4,000 Metric Tons

Morphogenetic Fields or Humanity Exist More Than 300 Million Years?

Dolmens are putting, without most scientists realizing this, science for a great dilemma. How can dolmens been built all over the world in the same way? How to account for that fact?

Most scientist avoid this dilemma and name it coincidence, while their mathematical colleagues know that coincidence cannot exist on such a large scale. But no one seems to bother about this huge gaps in logical explanations. Most scientists are not interested in the Truth. They like to have careers.

Similar behaviour on a large scale can be the result of two things:

  • Morphogenetic connection,
  • Physical contact (usual sensory perception).

Both things have one way or another consequences on how we look at the world. It means that Humanity (and all living things) can exchange information through an invisible field over large distances. Or that Humanity already lived on Earth when during the era of the super continent Pangea, so that we could exchange information through usual sensory perception, 300 million years ago.

Are Humans already living for more than 300 million years on Earth? Not very likely. But it's a fact that there was some kind of interchange of information.

Can Humans communicate through a Morphogenetic connection during Satya Yuga? Yes, this is much more likely, especially during the high Yuga's.

In either case science has to review basics of our existence and/or the basics of our capacities. And maybe it is even both.

How old are most dolmens? There are only two solutions left:

  1. between 8,000 and 18,000 years old or,
  2. 300 million years old.

Option 1. is the most likely one. Dolmens are much older than science assumes. In this era there was a huge knowledge/communication network around the world, that made use of dolmen as well.

Pangea - Earth 300 Million Years Ago

300 million years ago there was only one continent. If Humans cannot interconnect with each other over large distances, the conclusion is that we are living more than 300 million years on Earth. It might be even both...
300 million years ago there was only one continent. If Humans cannot interconnect with each other over large distances, the conclusion is that we are living more than 300 million years on Earth. It might be even both... | Source

More About Morphogenetic Fields

The potentials of some people during the Satya Yuga is almost limitless, with full control over matter like:

  • creation and forming of matter,
  • movement (very) heavy stones by overcoming gravity,
  • communication over large distances, through morphogenetic fields,
  • displacement through space-time,
  • and probably much more.

Most scientists prefer to turn their back on these structures, so they don't have to look at them, and don't have to think about it either. They cannot explain how they were built with their conventional materialistic way of thinking. In the mean time is Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle still a mystery to scientists.

These structures were built by using mind power, and mind power alone. It's nothing mysterious once you understand how it works. It's Mind over Matter.

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    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Europe

      Thanks for dropping by, Ralph.

      To be honest, I didn't study the issue you post here. I believe that Sri Yukteswar did such a miraculous job that it's almost useless to look into other works. At least that was my interpretation at that time, that might change of course, due to progressive insights.

      All ancient texts speak about the great flood (Manu). I think it has logically to do with the instability of the Earth Crust by ice depositions around the poles. This was seriously studied by Charles Hapgood during the Fifties.

      Nice to see you hear!

    • meetthegods profile image


      3 years ago from Netherlands

      Namasté Brother, Thank you very much for this information.

      Do you think there is also any correlation between our present 'upraising' and the Ages of Brahma and the Manu?

      “Half of Brahma’s life is called parardh. One parardh is finished and the existing kalp is in the beginning of the second parardh (the first day of the 51st year of Brahma). The very first day of Brahma was the day when he himself was created by God Vishnu and it was called the Brahm kalp. The present running kalp is called Varah kalp (or Shvet Varah kalp).” (3/11/33,34,36)

      “In this kalp six Manus like Swayambhuva Manu etc. have elapsed. The seventh Manu is the son of Vivaswan. He is the present Manu and is called Vaivaswat Manu.” (8/1/4; 8/13/1)

    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Europe

      Thanks manatita44 :) Om Shanti!

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Yes. A true God-Realised Soul as far as I understand and feel within. Om Shanti!

    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Europe

      Thanks manatita44, I know it's a lot of info. I already limited it :) I think it's necessary to drag as many example on the stage to make clear how ridiculous our history was taught to us and now again to our children.

      It is definitely thanks to Sri Yukteswar that it is possible I can interprate this history in this way. I really enjoyed writing this!

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Lots of info but interesting thoughts.


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