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What Are the Yuga Cycles?

Updated on August 24, 2015
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Yuga Cycles are like the Seasons.
Yuga Cycles are like the Seasons. | Source

Introduction and Reading Instruction

Yuga Cycles would be returning cycles expressing the level of Human consciousness. Human consciousness is not, like we assume, linear. On the contrary, according to the Hindu philosophy, it goes up and down in a wave pattern. We would be now in the lowest regions of consciousness, the beginning of Dwapara Yuga, the second level of consciousness.

Yuga Cycles are derived from the ancient Hindu almanacs. The almanacs appear to contain inconsistencies and mistakes which are corrected in the Holy Science of Sri Yukteswar.

This comprehensive series of articles deals about the Human history, and the possibility that our history has occurred otherwise than taught to us. Our history still contains many mysteries. Yuga cycles contain a intuitive logic with which it is possible to put the history in a completely different, more cohesive, light.

This timeline shows the four Yuga cycles projected on the official events in history.
This timeline shows the four Yuga cycles projected on the official events in history. | Source

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Our History

Why are we unable to understand the purpose of the Pyramids of Giza, Tiahuanaco and Stonehenge?

Despite the many researches and theories to many ancient sites and artefacts, the way how they were built and what their exact purpose was, remains cloaked in mysteries.

The Holy Science of Sri Yukteswar that was written in 1894, gives a clue for these phenomena in Human history. The purpose of these structures cannot be understood, because Humanity lives currently in the lowest regions of Dwapara Yuga, the second state of consciousness. Most people (including scientists) are currently only able to understand the principles of raw matter and some of facets of electricity and magnetism.

About Sri Yukteswar

Sri Yukteswar is born in 1855 in Serampore, India. He is especially well known because he was mentioned in his pupil's book, Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. You can read here more about Sri Yukteswar.

The little booklet The Holy Science (1894), is very hard to comprehend. The Holy Science contains essential knowledge about the Universe in a nutshell.

Yuga's - Cycles of Consciousness

Our solar system orbits every 24,000 years around the centre of universal magnetism, called Brahma. According to The Holy Science, Brahma regulates Dharma, which is the mental virtue. The distance to Brahma has great influence on the mental and spiritual capacities of Humans, which can be compared with the effect that Gravity has on weight in relation to distance.

According to the ancient Hindu teachings from which Sri Yukteswar partly took his knowledge, cycles the solar system around Brahma. Brahma is one of the major expressions of the Divine. The principles are more complicated than I present now, you can read more details in The Holy Science. The cycles around Brahma have great influence on Human consciousness and is defined in four main stages:

  1. Kali Yuga (ignorance - Iron age), the lowest stage of mental/spiritual development, had its bottom at the start of the Middle Ages. Kali Yuga has two consecutive phases of both 1200 years, together 2400 years. One phase goes downward (the falling Kali to the bottom of the curve) and one phase goes upward (rising Kali). Humanity during Kali Yuga (besides some individuals) is not able to comprehend anything beyond gross matter. Many phenomena during this period are explained by superstition and occultism.
  2. Dwapara Yuga (electrical - Bronze age), second stage of mental/spiritual development. Dwapara has two phases that are not consecutive. We are currently in the early stage of Dwapara Yuga, which started at 1599 A.D. and will last until 4099 A.D., with a slow, gradual and unstoppable rising of Human consciousness and intellect. Humans are able to gradually understand the different forms of electricity and magnetism that result in fast developing technologies. Many more discoveries will follow that will help Humans to understand the world they're living in. There comes a general awareness that vibrations generate energy and that matter on its turn is a projection of energy.
  3. Tetra Yuga (mental - Silver age), third stage of mental/spiritual development. Human intellect develops the ability to understand the major concepts of divine magnetism as the source of all powers from which creation is a manifestation. This period will last 3600 years, up to 7699 A.D. Tetra Yuga has also a rising and falling curve, not consecutive to each other.
  4. Satya Yuga (spiritual - Golden age), fourth and highest stage of mental/spiritual development. Satya Yuga has two subsequent phases of both 4800 years, together 9600 years. One phase goes upward (rising Satya to top of curve) and one phase goes downward (falling Satya). Humanity is able to comprehend and influence nearly everything in the Universe, because the veil of delusion is lifted. The capacities of Humanity are limitless without much effort. Age is no limitation. This period starts in the future from 7,700 up to 12,499 A.D.

If you want to understand this difficult and superior work of Sri Yukteswar, I advice to read his book. You download it here.

Could Yuga Cycles be Responsible for Historical Mysteries?

If we look at history at a first glance, the Yuga cycles seem to make sense:

  • extinction of Neanderthals,
  • the era of many mysterious ancient structures,
  • the dark ages followed by the period of enlightenment when entering Dwapara Yuga,
  • then followed by this new era of fast developing technologies and human awareness, while we are coming higher up in the Dwapara Yuga cycle.

With regard to ancient sites like the Pyramids of Giza, Tiahuanaco and Stonehenge; why do we still don't understand the purpose of these structures? They were built by Humans with much higher capacities when the solar system was closer to Brahma. These structures were built to serve very specific goals, like receiving and/or generating immense amounts of energy, we don't know.

You can compare this gap in consciousness by giving an Iphone to a person from the middles ages - the device cannot be understood and is furthermore unusable by the lack of other users and infrastructure.


Besides that Human consciousness follows the Yuga cycle, when it comes to changing direction of consciousness, an effect that only occurs in Kali Yuga, is that there will be a certain amount of inertia. After Kali Yuga passed its deepest point, it will take some time before consciousness reacts on the movement towards Brahma (like changing direction of a supertanker) due to interaction between people and their environment, that has a stronger effect on the short term. Inertia is furthermore caused by the trait of low conscious Humans to become more conservative, in the hope to keep of 'what is'.

After Kali Yuga reached its deepest point in 499 A.D., the downward motion didn't stop immediately - consciousness must have dropped even deeper if it wasn't for the coming of "Christ consciousness" to Earth, telling that Humans are in fact Gods. Like Jesus said, 'You are Gods, and all of you are children of the Most High". What more do you need to know during Kali Yuga?

In this series of articles an attempt will be made to peal off layer by layer how the history fits in the last two 24,000 years cycles.

Sri Yukteswar presents a Yuga Cycle in this way.
Sri Yukteswar presents a Yuga Cycle in this way. | Source

The Correct Yuga Cycles

The Yuga cycles that Sri Yukteswar recalculated, are derived from the Hindu tradition. Sri Yukteswar explains why and how the Yuga cycles were wrongly shown in the Hindu almanacs.

Sri Yukteswar explains that astronomers and astrologers who calculated the almanacs around 700 B.C. were misguided by Sanskrit scholars and that the dark Kali Yuga would last for 432,000 years. He explains this at page 18 in his book.

The next article, will explain more about the wandering of human awareness as an effect of the Yuga cycles.

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