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Updated on May 12, 2015

Where are we Going in our Networks

The world we all knew of business to consumer and business to business is being totally changed now Networks and Social Media are building cross connection and trust between many people, be they individuals or small business people.

Constancy and consistency are now paramount no matter what you do as it is easier and easier to acquire information and knowledge throughout the world wide web.

No matter what your offering is, or what you do, all the information relevant is out there and Knowledge is the one thing we can all give away without diminishing it, indeed Knowledge given away to someone else will help them grow and in return they may have Knowledge or contacts that the thread of Trust will enable each of you to grow together.

This applies in Social Networks, Business contacts or in any form of human interconnectivity and the selfless may see it as a great boost over time.

The selfish will try to gain instantly, but once known as such they will have no long term future at all.

One thing is for sure you should never give to gain merely do it to help and develop others. Easy to say but difficult to apply but it makes YOU the best YOU possible if YOU operate this way.

This is how true Humanity Networks will act and come about over the next decade as the world is changing and more and more come on line with differing cultures and concepts that we can all learn from.


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    • alanlsg profile image

      Alan Bowman 6 years ago from The World

      Hi Vanessa

      Much appreciate the time you took to read this and for the back link which was very interesting and do hope you and Nick are both well.

      Kindest regards


    • profile image

      Vanessa Warwick 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing these insightful thoughts Alan.

      You encapsulated many of my own thoughts. I particularly like your explanation how the selfish (or inauthentic) will try to gain instantly, but it will do them no good. I see this time and time again on the social web.

      I believe in "contribution currency" i.e. sharing value on the social web, and sharing simply for the sake of sharing without any other agenda. I find I learn and grow as an individual and that is payback enough.

      Too many people try to apply traditional metrics to social media, and that is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole imho.

      The web rewards those who "give" and sacks those who "take". I think the rewards come in many different forms and, when serendipity is ignited, they can be very different to what you ever imagined!

      That is my experience anyway. :)

      I have linked to your blog from a related disussion on our Property Tribes forum.