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Ian and Callum's History Quizzes To Get Your Brain Cells Working - Part 7 - Roman Empire

Updated on May 16, 2012
Model of Ancient Rome
Model of Ancient Rome | Source

Ancient Rome

The Roman Empire was surely one of the most enduring and influential Empires there ever was.

This is the seventh quiz in our series so come on in and have a go! We have composed a multiple choice quiz of ten questions for you to try. As always you'll need a pen(cil) and paper to record your results.

Please don't cheat by using the net or books as we would like to know how you did - HONESTLY!

Further instructions you will find at the end of the quiz.

Ian and callum.

(alian346 and calpol25)

Question 1

Julius Caesar and his troops crossed a river in 49BCE on their way to Rome. This was considered as the point of no return. What was the name of this river?

A Po

B Tiber

C Rubicon

D Rhone.

Roman Currency
Roman Currency | Source

Question 2

What was the unit of currency in Ancient Rome?

A lire

B denarius

C euro

D dollar.

Question 3

This is a picture of the Castel Sant’Angelo on the banks of the Tiber in Rome. It contains the tomb of which emperor?

A Caligula

B Nero

C Hadrian

D Trajan.

Question 4

Ancient Rome was obviously the centre of the Roman Empire, but what was its maximum population when it was at its height?

A around 1 million

B around 10 million

C around 500000

D around 100000.

Vesuvius | Source

Question 5

Pompeii is famous for being buried by lava and ash from an eruption of Mount Vesuvius. In which year?

A 79CE

B 179CE


D 179BCE.

Question 6

‘Beware the Ides of which Month’ - was a warning given to Julius Caesar before his demise?

A June

B July

C March

D August.

Caligula | Source

Question 7

The early part of Caligula’s reign has been described as moderate and stable and noble. Later he became ill and did terrible things. Which one of these was he not responsible for?

A He ate the unborn foetus of his sister’s child

B He had Christians thrown to the lions in the Coliseum

C He planned to have his horse created consul

D He brought back sea shells from Britain and claimed them to be treasure.

Question 8

Which group caused the most damage to the Roman Empire?

A Goths

B Vikings

C Greeks

D Egyptians.

Pantheon | Source

Question 9

The Pantheon in Rome was built in the time of Ancient Rome. It has a large unsupported roof. Which material is it made of?

A concrete

B granite

C marble

D felt.

Question 10

How did Julius Caesar die? He was

A hanged

B shot

C poisoned

D stabbed.

Very well done! You've reached the end of our quiz. We hope you enjoyed it. Now you need to make a gin and tonic and have a laze on the sofa as you mark the test. Here are the correct answers:

Answer Honestly!

How many did you get correct?

See results

1 C

2 B

3 C

4 A

5 A

6 C

7 B

8 A

9 A

10 D

Please leave us a comment and tell us how you got on. What did you think of our quiz - was it easy or hard? Here are links to our other quizzes:


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