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Callum & Ian's History Quizzes To Get Your Brain Cells Working - Part 4 - LGBT Movie Stars

Updated on May 15, 2012

This is the Fourth Quiz and is based on 'LGBT Movie Stars'. now many of you have been following our LGBT People Of History Series hubs, and will know most of the answers to this Quiz.

Come on and get involved, its great fun and remember its not winning that is important, its the taking part and learning that counts..

Best of luck to you all.


Here Are Your Instructions

1 - Get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, search the house until you find one.

2 - Answer the questions below on your piece of paper, make sure you put the number of the question there too, so you dont get lost.

3 - Then check your answers below to my answers.

4 - Answer the poll and tell me honestly how many you really got right.

Please don't lie and cheat by going to the answers straight away, have an attempt and if you dont know the answer, move on to the next question, NO CHEATING or I will be very upset and you will get sent to your room with out super and will be made to stand on the naughty step!!

Come on this is fun and I am sure you will all enjoy it.

Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich | Source

Question One

Marlene Dietrich was from which Country?

A – Switzerland

B – Germany

C – Austria

D – France

Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson | Source

Question Two

Which year did actor Rock Hudson die?

A – 1978

B - 1980

C – 1983

D – 1985

Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo | Source

Question Three

Greta Garbo came from which Scandinavian country?

A – Norway

B – Denmark

C – Sweden

D – Finland

James Dean
James Dean | Source

Question Four

James Dean made how many films, starring in a major role?

A – 2

B – 3

C – 4

D – 1

Quentin Crisp
Quentin Crisp | Source

Question Five

Did Quentin Crisp work as a male prostitute in Soho, London?

True Or False


Okay its time for a break now guys and gal's, the worst is over you are half way through.

We have done the first five questions, so come on, go and have a nice cup of tea, coffee or what ever else you drink and have a rest.

Then come back and strap yourself in for the next five questions.

Come On Lets Go!!!!

Montgomery Clift
Montgomery Clift | Source

Question Six

Montgomery Clift was born on which date?

A – December 29th 1919

B – September 19th 1920

C – October 17th 1920

D – January 14th 1921

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando | Source

Question Seven

Marlon Brando starred in five films in the 1950s that established his name, but which one did he actually win an Oscar for his performance?

A – On The Waterfront

B – Julius Cesar

C – Viva Sparta

D – The Wild One

E – A Street Car Named Desire

Truman Capote
Truman Capote | Source

Question Eight

Truman Capote wrote which book that later became a famous film?

A – Breakfast At Tiffany’s

B – Breakfast With Tiffany

C – Breakfast On Tiffany

D – Breakfast In The Morning, Then Shopping With Tiffany

Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins | Source

Question Nine

Anthony Perkins first ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ role was in which film?

A – Psycho

B – The Birds

C - To Kill A Mockingbird

D – North By Northwest

Richard Chamberlain
Richard Chamberlain | Source

Question Ten

Which of the following is not a Richard Chamberlain film?

A – The Count of Monte Cristo

B – The Slipper & The Rose

C – The Thorne Birds

D – The Music Lover


Its Done!!!


You have done the Quiz, and now its time to have a cup of tea, coffee, a lie down, ciggy or even a nervous break down.

Okay now check your answers below, and tell me honestly how many you got right in the poll..

Thanks again for having a go at this one quiz, and I hope that you have enjoyed it. :)


Answer Honestly!!

How Many Did You Really Get Right?

See results

Answers To The Ten Questions

Question One - (B) Germany

Question Two - (D) 1985

Question Three - (C) Sweden

Question Four - (B) 3

Question Five - True

Question Six - (C) October 17th 1920

Question Seven - (A) On The Waterfront

Question Eight - (A) Breakfast At Tiffany's

Question Nine - (A) Psycho

Question Ten - (C) The Thorne Birds


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    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      You know I did :)

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Thanks Michele, Yeah its a great thing, its not about winning or loosing.

      Its the taking part and learning that counts :)

      I hope that you have enjoyed :)

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      I did not get 10. But, it was still and interesting hub, so that is a good thing, isn't it?

    • alian346 profile image

      alian346 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Good and concise and punchy and colourful, Cal - let's see how many folk get 10s this time!