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Identity Is Illusion:Parallel Universe Has Always Affected You

Updated on September 1, 2016
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Shubham Jain is an Information Technology student in India. He loves writing cosmology and articles that could help others succeed.


Parallel Universe:Fact or Fiction

The term parallel universe shook the human heads when Time travel came into existence.Time travel has always been astonishing since the stories where there used to be time travelling machines ,movies where there would be a change in life knowing the future and the cartoons where kids learn to dream The Time Travel.Holy historical Indian myths like Ramayana and Mahabharata also covers the aspects of time travel.

Warmholes that generate a route ,a way between two times may lead to a parallel universe which is the same replica of the world we live in but will depict the past or future.Only Quantum Physics can relate the truth behind the secrets of universe.

Is A parallel Universe A Captured Time Moment

  • What if someday we are able to fetch the information of future from the parallel universe?
  • If it is a captured time i.e Past or Future timeline what if a person of one timeline goes into other?
  • Would not the timeline be changed for thousands or millions of other universes depending on the behavioral changes of the timeline?
  • Disrupted timeline may be a boon to prepare for disastrous events or may result into some catastrophic time.
  • If there a multiple universe i.e multiverse that behaves works functions and depends on each other and is a mirror image of the timeline after and before then isn't it a bad thought of dreaming to be able to pass through them

Jumping To A Timeline:Good or Bad

Alternate timelines, each with their own unique characters or the same but with different perspectives which are capable of being changed, allowing time travellers to jump into another version of history and override those pesky paradoxes.

Imagine after being married to a girl who used to love you but you didn't but destiny led you to meet but being able to jump to past you change the course of time and married your loved one.

Also imagine where you can change the course of time where ever you failed such as an interview and a worthy guy cracked it out ,you could possibly jump back into that time,knowing what questions you need to get prepared for.This would be a demerit for the deserving guy.

And imagine both the cases being yourself the personalities,

  • As the person who marries his true soulmate in the first case,and who got the job without deserving in the second.
  • As the person who does'nt gets married and is a tramp in the first case and the deserving guy who did'nt get the job in the second case

Thus perspective of individuals would fluctuate.All in all disruption of timeline would not be beneficial as some world present out there in the multiverse is living the future you would be trying to change.

How Multiverse Would look like!


The Multiverse Theory: Can we Travel Back And Forth

The multiverse is the most mentioned theoretical paradox as it involves more than just one parallel universe,confirming us that the laws of quantum physics may be able to conquer the part

We do not know the secrets of multiverse,it would be having millions of worlds or even a single parallel world or even a limited worlds.There may be signs of existence or it may happen that the universe is dead.

There may be destructions happening causing the end of one world while the other worlds may be rising for existence no one knows.

The multiverse may be having alternate versions of "You" where you may be a character of your dream or maybe a character you would hate.Travelling through multiverse can be life taking as The game of time may have some surprizes.A wormhole may result into a blackhole.

Parallel Universe May not have Parallel Consequences



Playing through space or time may be for good or bad reasons but everything in the universe or the multiverse is planned , as said in myths we are the puppets of an entity,what if all that we are seeing or feeling is a mere illusion of brains?Does anyone know where the black matter above and beyond the earth where all the galaxies exist ends?No,no one has and no one is even capable of.

We certainly can't see the truth behind the galaxies or multiverse but what if something that is planned for us has already happened in another universe?

How can we tell what is real and not? How can we with certainty know that our brain is not giving us the illusion of a physical world?

Thus we should always remember, we are not alone anyone from the past or the future may disrupt the timeline,changing our lives that we were'nt even meant to live and we would possibly remember nothing.It maybe someone or even maybe us.How can we tell?How can we know?

Do you think that Time Travel or Accessing the Multiverse would be Beneficial?

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    • Skian profile image

      Shubham Jain 17 months ago from India

      Such great response from you, Kenneth is really worthy and thanks for sharing.

      Thank you Jodah, for appreciating. I would definately write upto your expectations.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 17 months ago from Queensland Australia

      You discuss some interesting concepts here. Keep writing.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 17 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Skian,

      You are welcome.

      I apologize for being so slow in responding to your comment.

      I have shared this hub with my followers. It is that interesting.

      Have a Safe and Memorable Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not Xmas.

      Your Friend, Kenneth

    • Skian profile image

      Shubham Jain 17 months ago from India

      Thanks for your appraisal kenneth, science fiction has always been interesting and caught attention.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 17 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Fantastic read.

      Keep the hubs like this one coming.

      Great work, my talented friend.

    • profile image

      prachi jain 19 months ago

      keep it up....

    • profile image

      Nimesh Mandaliya 19 months ago

      Great Job!

      Keep Goin!