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If we have the estate, it will build the house

Updated on September 7, 2020
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

New dream house

A big house can be built, if you have enough money to do that.  Till you reach that position, stay at a small house
A big house can be built, if you have enough money to do that. Till you reach that position, stay at a small house

If we have the estate, it will build the house

Daisy aunty got married to the son of a wealthy farmer in Wayanad when I was a child. As the custom, when I got married, we visited them. It is 8 hours drive from our village. When we reached there, they were living in a small house which they recently purchased and it is just opposite uncle's ancestral home. Aunty informed us that after the death of her father-in-law uncle and his brother divided the property of their father. Uncle's younger brother got the ancestral home as the custom prevailed in that time. To compensate, he gave half of the value of the house to uncle. Adding some money to that, Aunty wanted to build a brand new big house. But uncle refused to build a big house and purchased this small house and used balance amount to buy Estate. Uncle was saying that if we have the estate, it will build the house.

Let the money work for us than we work for the money.

Every year, when we met for the family get together, we get news that uncle bought new estates from the yield of that year's harvest. He was accumulating Estates every year from the harvest of his estates. I recently heard that now he built a New house from the yields of his Estate. It is generating money every year and he is able to send his daughters for higher studies. His estate is generating money for him and his family. Now he has employees who look after the estate. He is enjoying his life.

The words of the Uncle catch my attention “if we have the estate, it will build the house”

His estate is looking after the expenses of the education of his daughters.

His estate is looking after the expenses of the family vacations.

He did a wise investment. The value of the estate appreciated over the years and it is generating income every year to be correct every harvest. (some of the estates like paddy field is harvested twice in a year)

We have a point to be learned from the uncle. We should invest money in somewhere which generate income. Buying a house is a dream for every one of us. If you can postpone the purchase for a few years, you can invest that money where you can get some income from that. (Many of us doing the exact opposite, taking the loan and purchase the house) Let the money work for us than we work for the money.

This is what one of the points in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which I read recently.

Wish you all a profitable investment season.

Look for multiple streams of income

To become a billionaire, you need to make money. Working day and night for the money will not give you enough money, which will make you a millionaire. You need to put your money into work. As you work for money, your money will also work for you. If you spend all of your life for making money, who will enjoy that money. Putting money into work for you will give you enough time to enjoy the money you earned and enjoy your life as well. While you enjoying your life, your money will be earning money for you. That is a wise thing to do rather than spending your life for making money. Working hard, day and night is not the purpose of your life. So make wise use of your hard earned money.

That is why people who teach how to make money give more stress to make multiple streams of money source. If one source is not producing any money, another source will be making money for you. That is why many of us using Hubpages. I am wishing you all the very best in your writing and earning.

You may be wondering how you can make multiple sources of income? There are many ways to make money. Your primary source could be your day job. When you get your Pay at the end of the week/month, invest at least 25% of the income into stocks or other financial instruments which will earn money for you. Some of the other sources of multiple incomes are:

1. Part-time work
2. Part-time Business
3. Dividends
4. Rent from property
5. Commission
6. Royalty
7. Creating websites which will earn money for you.
8. Network marketing or Multi level marketing

Nowadays businessmen are also concentrating on diversifying the area of their business to generate more income. If one source is not generating enough money, another source will cover your need.

The worst thing you can do is that not allowing your money to work for you. The trend is that when you get your paycheque, most of you will go shopping. Buy Shoes, and garments and other things and stuff it in your closet. Your hard earned money is sitting idle in your closet. After a few years, it will become out of the size or out of fashion and you will throw it away. Imagine you are throwing away your hard earned cash. So shop, what you necessary for the day. Anything beyond that will be a waste of time and money.

On the other hand, if you invest that money in the bank, at least, it will be generating income for you. It will grow. So make wise use of your hard earned money. Let the money work for you.


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