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Importance of Physics

Updated on February 23, 2016

Observation and constant vigilant eyes had helped scientists to discover many important theories hidden in the depths of this vast universe. Physics is a good example for such discoveries. Physical Science is widely used among the world. During the past era physics started to move forward with express speed because of the new found theories, laws and concepts put forward by world renowned scientists. It has been the masterminds that combined physics and mathematics to bring the technological field to its' optimum and also to create a marvelous and unique 21st century.

Talking about physics and it's importance, construction sites and materials are the key words that pops up to our minds. Physics is a compulsory subject for engineering scholars throughout the world. After the mind blowing discoveries of Newton's gravitational fields which had a great impact on physical history, physics had been a persuasive point in building flats and apartments, It is through these findings that concepts such as withstanding of pressure and other relative findings are derived of.

The basic fundamental study of physics; Newton's first law, is the root cause that led people to invent and explore many machines and mechanisms that helps us to ease our daily chores. Pulleys, Livers, inclined planes are great examples. They help a great deal to reduce the unnecessary energy wastage and fatigue. It is truly miraculous that even before the period of newton, our ancestors used these pulleys and livers to ease their work. Newton's third law of action and reaction is applied on the mechanism of rockets and air crafts. For example, the air pushed down from the blades of a helicopter is the action while the air push the helicopter up and results in a reaction that will lift the air craft up to the sky.

Physics however is also used to make cosmetic products and other accessories. Concept of friction is used to make shoes and rubber tires. Friction is a force opposing the relative force. It is useful to prevent road accidents with vehicles and thus the tires are made appropriately. Also talcum powder is used to reduce friction in carom boards. Also sport shoes are made with spikes so that the player has a good grip on the ground and they can have a steady balance, and therefore it is evident that physics also helps in sports and athletic goodies too.

Equilibrium of co-planar forces which is also a major part of physics is used to build fans, hand objects etc. Physics also is used to measure the pressure of fluids which is vital for the production of engines, hydraulic jacks etc. It's also used to generate power. Law of conservation of energy is used for generation of power. Especially hydro- electricity mechanisms and solar energy mechanisms are based on physical sciences. What happens in a hydro power plants is that water stored on high grounds which are rich in potential energy are allowed to flow down through a pipe converting potential energy to kinetic energy and rotate turbines and generators to generate electricity. Even vehicle engines and steam engines are based on these concepts.

Physics also plays an important role in the concept of temperature. It is used to measure and determine climatic changes. Thermometers and Barometers are some good examples. Even refrigerators, irons, electrical kettles and air conditioners are some of the examples constructed using the heat capacity of radiation. Radiation and transmission of TV channels and radio frequencies are also derived through concepts of physics. Invention if miniature circuit breakers such as capacitors, insulator etc have turned a wide angle of opportunities for employment and safety precautions in the modernized world. Electrical appliances and their uses have undergone rapid increasing because of physics.

Apart from all of these physics is widely used in medical fields too. The usage of syringes and any other test and operations are done through inventions based on physical calculations. Specially the current trend of using nano medical equipment are all inventions done through physics. Even CPR relies on Newton't 3rd law of physics!!!!!Astrology as well as Astronauts use physics for many purposes. As I mentioned earlier the launching of rockets is done through physics. In fact NASA is nothing if not for physics and it's concepts. Position of galaxies and planets is all done and observed through concepts and calculations based on physics.

Physics is also used to create weapons and explosive mechanisms. Frankly we can say that physics also contributes for the defense services by many means. Bombs, guns etc are all creations of physics.

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Considering all these there's seriously nothing that is unrelated to any concept of physics. it won't be an exaggeration if I were to say that our world is solely stable because of physics. Medical, Engineering, Astronomy, construction, generation of power, transportation, clothing and accessories, methods of entertainment, defense mechanisms and many other fields use physics as the foundation. Physics is a science that doesn't change or differ from place to place. Once a physics law will always remains so because, pure physics, basic of physics and fundamental's of physics are unchangeable.

© 2016 Heshani Bandara


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