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Inovative tool-Digital Advertising

Updated on October 4, 2012
Digital Advertising Demo Fest 2009
Digital Advertising Demo Fest 2009


A great resource provided by MSN. The resource is and it is FREE to use. This is not only a ‘keyword word’ tool but something more than that. It really helps someone to “understand” the market one is using. With this website Microsoft have pushed the boundaries in digital advertising. The research incorporates the areas of machine learning, data and text mining, computer vision, auction theory, social network analysis, distributed computing, devices and much more. If one goes through the website it can get a feel of “innovate research tool for digital advertising

Demographic Prediction -Marketing

Tools to use

Audience Intelligence

This is further broken down to

a.Demographics Prediction

b.Detecting Online commercial Intention

c.Explore MSN

MSN to provide Behavioral Targeting System in future.

Key word Research Tools

This is further broken down to

a.Entity Association Graph

b.Keyword Group Detection

c.Keyword Mutation Detection

d.Keyword forecast

e.Search funnels

MSN to provide Keyword Service Platform in future.

Content Analysis Tools

This is further broken down to

a.Ad Text Writer

b.Content Categorization

c.Context-Based Acronym Resolution

d.Cross-Language Keyword Suggestion

e.Entity Analysis

f.Location Platform

g.People Name Detection

h.Product Classification

i.Sensitive Web page Detection

j.Visual Product Browsing

MSN to provide Keyword Extraction tool in future.

Video & Interactive Media Tools

This is further broken down to

a. Intelligent Bug Ads

b.Video Hyperlink

MSN to provide local Ads on Mobile Devices & Air Wave in future


One very useful tool for those who do text advertising on the internet is Ad Text Writer. Just write the web address in the space provided and it tool would give samples of text ads based on the keywords used on the web sites. This tool is particularly useful for large web sites having many keywords. There are many functions which an online marketer can take help but only after little research as which tools can come handy.


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