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Is LNG Fueling Education In British Columbia?

Updated on July 9, 2014

Where Are Our Children Going?

The Blueprint Re-design of Education and Training in British Columbia is a document that warrants close scrutiny. When combined with the blatant pushing of private education by Premier Christy Clark and the vested interests of energy companies with an eye to LNG and the Northern Gateway one is moved to ask some pointed questions

On the surface the stalemate in the British Columbia Teachers' dispute with the majority Liberal government looks like it's all about the money. With a government tearing up teacher contracts, ignoring Supreme Court rulings and vilifying teachers in the media as a greedy lot one must ask, what is fueling this dispute? In our teachers asking that neccesary supports be restored to the children of the province we have been hit with the latest catch phrase - "the affordability zone".

The Blueprint is waiting in the wings ready to save us all from greedy teachers and their stubborn stance in attesting to the neglect of children throughout the ability spectrum. If the Blueprint is put in to play it will most certainly be "all about the money". Parents who can afford it will opt out of public education altogether. The Blueprint, without the input of educators or parents, maps out the future for the children left behind with many of them destined for LNG.

Ask BCCPAC if they were consulted. Ask PAC/DPAC if they were consulted. If not, ask when they were made aware of the document. Ask your School Board. Ask a teacher.

Is Your Child Worth The Time It Takes To Read The Blueprint?

Does The Blueprint Fulfill The Roll Of Public Education?

What is the role of public education in our society? According to The Charter the purpose of public education is to “prepare learners for a socially responsible life in a free and democratic society, to participate in a world which each generation will shape and build.

It goes on to state;

"We promise a public education system which provides learners with knowledge and wisdom, protects and nurtures their natural joy of learning, encourages them to become persons of character, strength and integrity, infuses them with hope and with spirit, and guides them to resolute and thoughtful action”
Students in public school need to “experience a broad-based education which includes aesthetic, artistic, cultural, emotional, social, intellectual, academic, physical and vocational development in order that they can find and follow their hopes, dreams and passions”.

- Public education is to be a place where students learn and apply literacy strategies and processes to a wide variety of ideas and curriculum.

- Develop a place where students learn to wonder and analytical global citizens. (Note: This is currently most commonly exemplified working in and ask questions about what they are studying

Should we be less concerned with whether they can answer our questions than with whether they can ask their own? Is the most significant intellectual achievement not so much in problem solving, but in question posing?

Should your child work in an environment that promotes life-long learning which celebrates diversity, embraces the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual integrity of each individual?

Should Public schools be a place where students are assessed not on what they know but on what they can do with what they know? A place where students have to formulate their own purposes and to design ways to achieve them?

Is Your Child's Future In Your Hands?

Is LNG And The Pipeline In Your Child's Future?

What Part Of Your Child's Education Are You Willing To Be Responsible For?

Are you willing to read and understand the Blueprint?

Are you willing to do a little research?

What is the Fraser Institute? What roll does it play in education? Does it receive funding? Do they have a vested interest? Is there a movement in North American to dismantle or transform public education? Has it been implemented elsewhere? Has it been successful? What is "No Child Left Behind"? What is the hidden driving force behind that? What are the credentials of the people making these decisions? Why has the Environment been removed from the curriculum? What is the Charter Of Rights Of A Child?

Are you willing to ask questions?

Have you asked your government what is meant by "transforming education?

What does this mean for your child?

Do You Value Public Education?

Do You Support Public Education?

See results

I Am Willing To Take Responsibility For....

I am a grandparent and a citizen. I am not a teacher and I am not affiliated with any political party or any other group for that matter.

I am am willing to be responsible for asking questions and seeking answers regarding the future of education in British Columbia. I am willing to take responsibility for communicating what I can to who I can In that regard. I am willing to take responsibility for how much I care.

What Is Your Perception Of Your Child's Future?

What is your intention?

What is your vision?

Do you have a plan?

The B.C. Government has a Blueprint for your child. Do you? Does the government's blueprint match yours? Your child's?

© 2014 raisingme


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