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Teacher, Friend Or Foe?

Updated on July 8, 2014

What Comes To Mind?

Does the word, teacher create an image or a vision?


Describe it.

Well into adulthood, indeed even part way through my children's schooling, the word teacher conjured up a vision of my Grade 5 teacher, Mr. Thielman. In those days when a teacher asked one a question one had to stand up to answer. After answering I started to sit down not realizing that as I did so the girl behind me pulled my chair out from underneath me. Grabbing for my desk trying to get my balance, both desk and I ended up crashing to the floor. Mr. Thielman whirled around, jabbing a pointed finger first in my direction and then at the classroom door. "Out"' he thundered. "But", I began to explain. He got louder, much louder, with his finger still pointed at the door, "OUT, NOW!. I spent the remainder of the day with my face towards the wall in the hallway.

I hated him. Loathed him. My upset went on to him not the girl that pulled out my chair but, that teacher! He was my sworn enemy and from that day forward any other teacher I thought the least bit "unfair" was filed away in the theatre of my mind under the label, teacher.

Furthermore any teacher my children deemed unfair went straight into that file without so much as a conscious thought on my part. That is it did until one day, in talking to one of my children's teachers I realized I wasn't seeing the person in front of me I was seeing my image of "teacher".

Once I identified the source of my attitude I was able to effectively communicate with the person in front of me, in present time.

Does the word, teacher create an image or a vision?

Describe it.

Upset With Teachers?

My upset was not with the girl, I was not upset that I'd fallen, I was upset that my communication had been refused, indeed cut. One of the nastiest things one human can do to another is refuse to communicate. It causes a disconnection. When one deliberately and intentionally disconnects from another it makes nothing of, denies, fails to appreciate, fails to acknowledge, and devalues the other. It is done for the sole purpose of driving the other away. "Out!"

It creates an upset and upsets make life worse.

My upset occluded from view all the wonderful teachers I did have in my life. Mr. Thielman created me as an enemy when all I wanted to do was answer his question. I, in turn, created teachers as the enemy. At least I did until one day my daughter's principal told me that when you come down hard and unfairly on a teacher it makes them reluctant to interact with your child in a positive and meaningful way. The image of Mr. Thielman came to view and I realized I was visiting an upset from my past on to present time. From that day forward I communicated to the teacher in front of me, in present time.

The Reality Of A Teacher

When a teacher is communicating to you and your perception or belief is sitting between you, he or she is talking to an image you have. The teacher cannot communicate with you because you are not there. Your false image is standing in your place.

Now a long comes a third party and they begin communicating their pictures about teachers. Not the facts, not the truth, not the correct who but an image of the who. The third party is only interested in communicating to those that have similar perceptions. If there are enough people holding on to their negative perceptions and resulting judgements the third party can get the majority agreement required to carry out their agenda. In this case the target is a group of professional teachers.

Agreement creates reality. Agreement fuses images. Got the picture?

Does the word teacher create an image?


Describe it.


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