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Is Multitasking Good Or Bad ? Practical Tips And Tricks Of Multitasking.

Updated on March 6, 2014

Multitasking is an art, an art which not many people can handle very well .For them, dealing with each and everything that comes their way becomes difficult in a well balanced manner. However there are most of the people who not only maintain a steady balance between things they deal with, but also accomplish very much at the end of the day. The question here in concern are that is this whole idea of multitasking a good thing? Does it have any benefits or is it just another way of straining our nerves ? To find the solutions to these questions it is important to observe some of the good and bad sides of multitasking below.

There are both good and downsides of multitasking. It is however better to maintain a certain balance between doing things. Only then a person can truly benefit from the art of multitasking.
There are both good and downsides of multitasking. It is however better to maintain a certain balance between doing things. Only then a person can truly benefit from the art of multitasking. | Source


Concentrating on the good sides of multitasking vividly show that it is one of the best modes of work which gives you an advantage of completing so many tasks in one time. This aspect of time saving is something that cannot be denied and is always associated with the concept of multitasking.

Not only this, the feeling of being productive at the end of the day is incomparable. You get a certain feeling of accomplishment which keeps you motivated for more and more work. To achieve and grow more, this advantage of multitasking cannot be denied.


Studies have shown that despite the advantages there are certain bad characteristic features that lie behind multitasking. The foremost of them is the stress factor. The continuous work, dealing with deadlines in a shorter period of time etc. are the issues that lead to stress and effect the overall general well being and the health of a person.

In the long run, the person who is used to multitasking may start to feel the low productivity and quick exhaustion. The work pressure invokes both mental and physical stress that ultimately develops fatigue and less motivation of doing things.


As mentioned above, multitasking have both its rewards and drawbacks .Rewards in the form of productivity and achieving as much as you can in a small amount of time while drawbacks in the shape of stress and fatigue for both physical and mental well being. However we really need to find a solution for deriving as much as positive consequences from the art of multitasking.

For that matter what I feel and term as more important is the art of balancing between the things and tasks to achieve. You have to try your level best to maintain certain equilibrium between managing errands and responsibilities. This is the best and the most applicable solution to deal with the art of multitasking. It all depends on you and your strategy that how you deal and manage between various things that come your way throughout the day. But balance is the key factor while achieving the best out of the approach of multi tasking.

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The fact that over the period of time our life styles have taken a turn towards constant daily activities cannot be ignored. With the changing work environment and styles, the habit of multi tasking seems to be a must for many people. There are certain very applicable tips and tricks that won’t lead to the multitasking stress. With them you can stay energized and productive all day long. Below are some of the guidelines which if followed can make multitasking a better experience.

  • Develop habit of making a thing to do list.
  • Deal with the most prioritized tasks first once you begin your day.
  • Try to get rid of the distractions around you. Try to work in an environment that doesn’t shift your focus from the immediate tasks at hand.
  • While working on computer, staying away from the social networking websites, instant messengers or just an online browsing to read news and articles is helpful.
  • Cell phones are another source of interruption. If possible either you can switch them off or keep them on silent mode so that your concentration purely remains on your work.
  • Learn time management, stay organized and try to figure out under what conditions and time you work more and best.

Thus multitasking is all about your strategy, how you adopt a certain line of work, and how you manage it with total balance and efficiency bringing out the best and be successful in whatever work you do. Every individual has his or her own way of doing things; it is entirely dependent on how you manage your own capacity of performing tasks and achieving your objectives in a good or bad way.


Stress at work can be very difficult to deal with.The sudden arising work pressures lead to the increase in stress and anxiety factors make it hard to get rid of.How to handle with the pressures at work, handle situations productively and excel,learn here!!!

Learn through some simple and easy to follow habits and tips to increase your intelligence and productivity levels.

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