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Is There a Secret Energy Source?

Updated on March 2, 2013

Nazi Germany



During Hitler’s era in Germany, the Nazi’s seemed to pay a lot of interest in some puzzling areas.

They seemed to have almost an obsession with Antarctica.

They seemed to be a little pre occupied with the occult or more accurately, some ancient cults, in particular the Thule Society. This society was supposedly based on a northern Atlantis which was the original home of the Aryan people. Over the years its name changed, to the Order of the New Templars [ONT] and then to the German Order but its roots were still based on ancient beliefs going back to a secret society of the ancient Egyptian priesthood.

It is known that the Nazi’s were experimenting with nuclear fission but it is suspected that they were working on a new kind of free energy, one based on ancient knowledge.

To support this suspicion there is “die glocke” or “The Bell”. This is a large bell that it is believed was being used to experiment on the powers of gravity and how it could be used as a form of energy. Some have even speculated that it may have been used as some kind of time travel machine.

The Bell
The Bell

Post War

After the war, the United States set up operation “Paperclip”. This operation involved following up on the Nazi experiments and it is believed that many of the Nazi scientists were given immunity in return for co operation.

“Paperclip” was the pre curser to the setting up of NASA.

It has been claimed that experiments with “The Bell” may have been linked to the Roswell incident. Also in 1965, an object witnessed by dozens, passed over Canada and the North Eastern United States before crashing in Pennsylvania. Although the object was quickly whisked away, eye witnesses stated that it was shaped like an acorn, the same shape as the Nazi bell.

Leading to further speculations is the U-Boat, U-235 that at the end of the war was surrendered to the United States. Apparently this U-Boat was headed to Japan with two Japanese officers on board and some lead containers. The U-Boat changed course to surrender, causing the Japanese officers to commit suicide. It has been speculated that the contents of the lead containers were given to America in return for the freedom of some top Nazi’s including Martin Bormann.

Secret Energy
Secret Energy


Today speculation has been given to a form of Mercury that can possess nuclear power. This Mercury is known as Red Mercury or mercury antimony oxide [Hg2Sb207].

Is it possible that Red Mercury is abundant in Antarctica?

Is it possible that Red Mercury was aboard U-235 along with an explanation of its uses?

Is it possible, like some suspect, that the Moon and shuttle missions by NASA are just a front to justify the expenses of a more secret project that they are undertaking?

Do the higher echelons of the United States already possess the secrets to a new source of energy but are hiding it from the rest of America, in order to further their race to dominate the stars?

We may never know the answers but it does seem strange that just as there are becoming giant breakthroughs in the area of astronomy, it is now that the United States stops it shuttle program and seemingly all other involvement in space exploration.

Is this shut down a prelude to a belated announcement that there is a new technology available to space exploration?

If it is a new source of energy, will it be available for other uses and is this why there seems to be a lack of concern to the ever increasing deficit?


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi bud: You pose some provoking questions in this interesting article.

      I'm sure there's screeds hidden away in government files we are clueless about.

      One day we may know.


    • aksem62 profile image

      aksem62 6 years ago

      I was born near nuclear weapons test site, worked half my life in the nuclear industry.

      I believe that the technological and psychological level of human development in our time is not sufficient for the safe using of nuclear power, not to mention more powerful types of energy.