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It's Time to Fire the Grid

Updated on July 26, 2009

Fire the Grid

We Know
We Know

The Grid is Positive Energy

The time has come for humanity to rise up and join forces to shake the greedy powers that be off of their throne and design a new paradigm for living in harmony on this fragile planet we call Earth. Everywhere we look there are too many beings suffering from hunger, disease, poverty, ignorance, greed, anger, desperation, and the list goes on and on. There is tremendous joy and contentment amongst a small percentage of the population who has found their bliss and practices their calling. But here in the good ‘ol USA we know jobs are continuing to decline and foreclosures are happening daily, bankruptcies are increasing, and we still don’t have a revised health plan so millions are without critical health care. So, what to do? Congress is an entity that seems more out of control than ever – we hear of corruption, lies, bribes, and all sorts of salacious behavior. Our President has morphed into a status-quo money manager allowing our Federal Reserve System to remain as influential as ever, which is using smoke and mirrors to “correct” our financial malaise.

The Plan


It’s all so overwhelming and consuming. Who do we believe? What news source is not tainted? Who has the best argument? When will we get some real relief from our depressing situation economically? Politicians throw out numbers in the trillions like they used to talk about millions. We jumped over the billions it appears.  The middle class is being hit so hard by all of this. And the poor, of course, but what we are moving towards is a two-tiered social system, not three. We’ll have the poor, and the rich with very little in between.  How do these families survive after losing their homes and income? I have no clue. Living in the mountains of New Mexico we are kinda insulated from the big city woes and calamities. But one hears daily about more job losses – how do you retrain so many out of work with new, better paying jobs? Don’t think that exists.  We’ve reached a turning point, a critical mass, where growth has reached its peak until we find a different way to grow. The military-industrial complex is thriving, I am sad to see, with new super-fighter-stealth jets being developed to maintain those jobs.  Seems it’s the only industry that is truly safe.

Dr. Emoto's experiment inspired by Fire the Grid

Read about this experiment from the link provided below
Read about this experiment from the link provided below

What to Do?

So, the state of the union and world, I’m afraid, is in dire straits. I vote, support my views with contributions, sign petitions, volunteer for causes. How can I make more of a difference in the direction of this unfair world? I can MEDITATE! I can PRAY! I can join in groups that organize millions of global citizens and participate in their world meditations and thoughts for Peace and Prosperity for All, not just a select few. And the opportunity is coming up again really soon. FIRE THE GRID is a beautiful website and offers compelling information about how we CAN make a difference if enough take part in the day long event. “Fire the Grid is all about waking humanity up so that we become conscious individual cells of light. Each cell of light radiates not only in itself, but for others as well.” From Fire the Grid.
I encourage you to go to the site and peruse it in depth. It is a pleasure to navigate and artfully designed. The more we are on Tuesday, July 28th, the more powerful the effect. This energy is available on July 28, 2009 at 19:19 Rio di Janeiro time — 16:19 (4:19 PM) in our time zone — It will be accessible all day but complete alignment for the best use of this energy will be at the given time, and last one hour.


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