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How To UnJam Putrified Doors: Dwelling In The Past Destroys The Face

Updated on July 19, 2011
The 'NOW' Encased!
The 'NOW' Encased! | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-GRam Invitation: The Blood Curdling Facts About the Past

The solicitous angle from which we operate in our lives determines the roads we choose when traveling. Some of us like challenges. Some of us don't like to be bothered with too many details.

Some of us like the hidden mystery involved in irresolute problems. Some of us like the emotional drama attached to believing we can move mountains. Some of us are clueless.

No matter how we approach the various situations in our lives, we hardly ever deviate from the proposed angle which guides us.

Why are you assassinating so much invaluable time dwelling in the past? Each moment your mind is fixated and consumed with thoughts of days, people, events, memories, relationships, and emotions, you are aging quicker than 2 minute microwaved oatmeal.

At this rate, give yourself 5 more years; the incomprehendible sight will be bloodcurdling!!! What on earth do you think you lost? Is That all there is to you and your entire existence?

Did you cease to exist on or about the time you got your heart broke? The kind and courteous thing you could have, at least, done for yourself, is hold a funeral service. “Here lays me shattered and shriveled up: I died; I just didn’t lie down to do it. {Nor did I have the decency to cover up my pruned face.}”

You are a pitiful reminder of a vibrant sexual sensual caring sensitive beautiful attractive vitally alive human being who gave up. Quit. You flat out stopped living in the present and ‘took up’ recollection’s vagrant path.

Oh! What an unsightly forlorn traveler you have become. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Skin doesn’t have to wrinkle so early in the game. It wrinkles because you are squinting much too hard, trying to hold onto something (fictitious idolized notions) long since passed. Let go. Release the muscles in your face and the mountainous tension in your body. [Do unspecified health issues ring a bell?]

Why is it so important to force yourself to remain in a place whereby nothing but phantoms and ghosts dwell? You are not the same person you were then. The other person is certainly not the same, either.

 You have so exaggerated your lost love, opportunity, or so called once in lifetime chance, the story doesn’t even come close to what really happened. The point is: What occurred back then was for then not now. It can’t and wouldn’t work today! Nothing is out of order. Never has been.

We have things for a certain amount of time, then, whamo bamo they’re dismissed. You don’t get a say in the matter. As hard, cruel and unjust as it may seem, it’s simple as 1,2,3. It’s not your fault; no matter how you’d like to assume the blame or blame the other.

No such avenue available. The path you are currently treading IS the only path accessible to you at this time. Your dance is specifically numbered. When they start passing out “card revisions’, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, don’t linger in the past nor visit the future. Now is where you will always reside. As unkind as life may seem, it’s not IF you look around you, today. No comparing to yesterday or tomorrow. Today.

 The well-fitted character you are playing is perfectly conducive to the elaborately defined scripted play already in session. The cosmic director is a master at casting but gives no considerations of your particular feelings about the part assigned to you. Ancient writings declare: “Let the dead bury the dead, come follow the living”.

Most of your daily existence is no more than a repeat of uncontrollable cycles and patterns conditioned and pre-determined based upon the proclivities of someone who ‘used to be.’ He/she no longer exists. Gone. Dismissed from the role.

You are currently alive, at this moment, in this hour, on this day. Whatever or whomever is directly involved in your life is all that exists for you, nothing else. Can you get with that?

Whomever or whatever lived in the past that you are so determined to drag behind you like dead weight has begun to stink with rot. The stench from its memory runs off all potential candidates to begin anew! No matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, life’s episodes on “As the World Turns” remain unaltered. [soap opera's best reruns]

Let the past be where it is, gone. And, let the future be where it resides. Can you do that? Will you bring yourself front and center and leave the distorted and bloated memory alone?

Get on with the program of your life, now. Stop making excuses feeling sorry for yourself by filling your head with things that might have been. Nothing else might have been or it would have been. What is now is all there is; how else could it be otherwise.

Furthermore, why is it that there is so much importance being placed on who or what you may have been in another life? [That’s right another life is yesterday not 100 years ago.]

The cells in your body completely remake themselves every 7 years. How many turns of 7 have you lived through? Nothing in you remains the same. Nothing! How old do you feel? How old are You?

To what extent do you experience pulsating, gyrating, vibrating sensual sexual artistic energy pumping through your veins? Music. What part of your life does it play? You can’t dance if there’s no jiving hot music.

Being alive on the planet Earth requires full animated sexual expression. What a swiveling swirling heady experience! It’s a full time orgasmic job just tending to the present garden where your feet are planted.

Get your eyes off another time, dimension or way of life. This reality is all you got, babe, right this second. Take care not to miss it by being somewhere else.

Find the true motivating factor to your unending sense of boredom and disdain, then, grab your present life in all its fullness by the horns and wrestle with it until you experience total full body ecstasy. You are an effervescent sensual artistic human being who has much to offer.

 But, not unless you unwrap the tin foil you’ve enclosed yourself in. Did you know that blood freezes at between -2 to-3 degrees Celsius?

Your blood has been frozen for so long it has turned into stone. The life is in the blood so some scriptures say. Pure raw sexual interaction heats up the thermostat of flesh and bones to dislodge accumulated debris at the cellular and chemical stage.

The Divine Sacred Impetus of Art/Music/Drama is immediately released while advancing the human being when this miraculous engaging pleasure filled experience occurs. Just thought you’d like to know.

Frozen Moment
Frozen Moment


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