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Updated on March 4, 2016
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

How to Teach Ff.

Teaching consonants has also its problems. Not only are some kids slow in recognizing the letters but also some kids cannot pronounce the letters properly. While most kids can easily say the sound of each letter of the alphabet, some kids have a hard time saying the sound of some of the letters. Usually, letter F is mispronounced by many children so it is always important to check on the kids and from time to time guide the kids to properly pronounce the letters so that they will follow through.

After teaching letter Mm, you can now teach letter F. But there is no correct arrangement or step on how to teach the letters of the alphabet. You can choose any letter to teach. Some even do it in alphabetical order. This is my method of teaching and it does not mean to say that this is how you also do it. Just choose your own way of teaching that you think is effective.

Always review the past lessons first before introducing the next letter. Young kids learn better through repetition as I always emphasize in all my articles.

The letter Ff

Review the Past Lessons

Show the flash cards to the kids. You have finished learning about (A, E, I, O, U and M). Let the kids recite the letters. Let them also say the sound of the letters with the hand action. Doing this will help them have a better grasp of the letters so that they can memorize the letters easier.

When they are done saying the sound; allow each kid now to recite the letters. There are always kids who are behind so you have to slow down when you let the slow learners recite the letters. Guide them while they recite and keep encouraging them.

Introduce Letter Ff

Now, you can introduce letter Ff by saying: “Our new letter today is letter Ff. What is this letter?” Show the flash card to the kids. Some kids know the letter but there are some kids who might have seen the letter for the first time. Let each kid say the letter and emphasize have Ff is pronounced.

The sound of Ff:

The sound of Ff:

Now, say the sound of Ff. It is important that the kids will see how you say the sound. To show the correct pronunciation of Ff, light a candle and show how the sound works. Do it by showing the children that there should be air that forces out from the mouth and it is like blowing the candle. You can say, “Children, the sound of F is like blowing the candle in your birthday cake.”

More Aciivities for Letter Ff

Coloring Pictures

For the very young kids, you can let them color a picture that begins with F. Choose an image that is easy to color and big enough for a wider space for them to color. This is a good motor exercise for young kids since they are still learning how to handle crayons. The more motor skills they do the better they will learn how to hold a crayon.

The older children can color the pictures that go with the given letter. They can also color all the pictures in a group that begin with Ff. Of course you need to have a sample worksheet tucked on the blackboard for the kids to follow. When they get used to the activities, they will soon be able to do the activities themselves.

Tracing Letter Ff

Younger kids can also trace letter F. It is always good to guide each child to trace because young kids are too young to handle crayons on their own. If the kids are too young, do not give the crayons first because once they hold the crayon they will start coloring everything including the chairs and tables. Although not all, some love coloring the table and the chairs. There are some kids who even reach out to color the paper of their classmates. If you are not alert, this will create problems so before that happens, do not give the crayons first to the kids until you tell them to start tracing.

The older kids can write letter F on their own so you can give them exercises that allow them to write F in the blank. Some may need your assistance and you should move around to make sure every child is doing his or her work correctly.


Younger kids can match the same letters or pictures to the beginning letters. Give only two or three letters at a time for the young kids to match so as not to confuse them. The letters must be big enough and the pictures clear also and big.

The older kids can do more matching and you can give them works with lowercase letters.

Art Work

To give other activities to the young kids, you can let them make a flower out of colorful paper. The materials must be all prepared so that they will only do the pasting. Never let the young kids use scissors because they might hurt themselves. Just prepare all the materials needed then let the kids paste and organize the project you are going to make.

For the older kids, a more complicated project is best for them. You can let them have fun creating water scene with drawings of some colorful fish. The kids can create their own ocean scene with your guidance of course. This can also be done by providing them some folded paper fish that they can color and stick to their ocean scene. After pasting and coloring fish, they can draw seaweeds or other ocean creatures.

The Syllables

Teaching syllables is crucial because this is where the kids start to learn how to read words. This lesson is only for the older kids who are already well versed with the sounds of the letters. After teaching ma, me, mi, mo, mu, the children will not be able to register the syllables immediately in their mind. Some cannot yet understand how to read the syllables. They can only read the syllables by reciting them in their arranged setting but if you ask them to read each syllable in random you will be surprised that they cannot really read the syllables.

To make the lesson more interesting to the kids and help them learn to read the syllables, you have to provide a lot of reading and a lot of exercises.

I always have flash cards of the syllables ready for the kids to read every day. The purpose of this is to make the kids get used to the syllables because they are still beginner readers. Now that you have started reading the syllables, consistency is needed. Make reading syllables a daily routine and they will easily learn how to read.

You can also give blackboard exercises for older kids. Letting them copy the syllables will enhance further learning.

Sample Worksheets

Here are some worksheet instructions that you can use for Letter Ff.

For very young kids:

  1. Trace F
  2. Put a ring around the correct beginning letter.
  3. Box the letter that goes with the picture.
  4. Encircle all letter F
  5. Color the pictures that begin with F

For older kids.

  1. Box the correct beginning letter of the picture
  2. Encircle the correct picture that goes with the given letter
  3. Color the picture that goes with the given letter
  4. Write Ff in the blank
  5. Write the beginning syllable of the picture
  6. Encircle the correct beginning syllable of the picture
  7. Copy the syllables

© 2013 Felisa Daskeo


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