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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS (Letter Ww): Fun Activities for Kids

Updated on March 4, 2016
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

The Letter Ww

Letter Ww is one of the consonants that the kids easily memorize because of the sound wa wa wa wa wa that resembles that of a baby wailing. You can say the sound of Ww with hand action that opens and closes. Do these fast and at least 4 times as you say wa wa wa wa.

To introduce the things that begin with Ww; you can integrate it with hygiene and let the kids watch you wash your hands with soap and water. Tell the kids that water and wash begin with letter Ww. This is good for the young kids because aside from the letter Ww that you are teaching them; they also learn how to wash their hands with soap and water.

During play time outside; you can let the kids feel the blowing wind outside and ask them, “What did you feel?”

I’m sure the kids will have different answers. You don’t expect all of them to give the answer that you are expecting. Some might say, “Cold air.” Some might say, “Wind.”

Whatever answers the kids give you, you have to explain to them that wind is moving air.

Copying letters will enhance letter recognition:

Here are objects and things that begin with Ww.

  • whale
  • wind
  • water
  • wash
  • wastebasket
  • water lily
  • waiter
  • waitress
  • weather
  • winter
  • wolf
  • well
  • wings
  • walk
  • word
  • work
  • wallet
  • walrus
  • watermelon
  • white

When you have introduced the things that begin with Ww; you can now think of other ideas to make teaching Ww fun for the kids.

Story Telling is Fun


Story Time: by: Felisa Daskeo- June 4, 2013

Children love stories depending on how you relate the story. A teacher does not only tell stories; she must be a witch, a lion, a bear, a monster or a kind girl. You have to be flexible and know how to tell the story in an interesting way that kids will love.

The best story teller is someone who can change her voice, do some actions and knows how to make funny faces when the situation calls for it. Without a knack for storytelling, the kids will get bored and they will find things to do instead. They will play with their seatmate and try to distract their classmates.

The Syllables

Let the kids read the syllables:

  • ma me mi mo mu
  • fa fe fi fo fu
  • ga ge gi go gu
  • sa se si so su
  • ta the ti to tu
  • da de di do du
  • pa pe pi po pu
  • ba be bi bo bu

After reading, the kids can read and copy wa we wi wo wu. You can give them more activities on syllables.


Dictation is very important if your aim is to enhance the reading skills of the kids. You can schedule your dictation exercises. Say for example on Monday, give 5 syllables with the vowel a as in wa, ba, ga etc. On Tuesday, dictate 5 syllables with the e vowel, on Wednesday dictate 5 syllables with the i vowel, on Thursday use the o vowel and on Friday use the u vowel. This will make reading syllables for the kids more systematic so that they can recognize each syllable from the other.

Remember that reading skills is crucially necessary in the basic foundation of learning and that should be developed in the young kids as early as possible.

Recommended Activities

Activities for the Very Young Kids:

  1. Let the kids trace Ww.
  2. Give the kids pictures to color.
  3. Young kids can also match pictures with the letters.
  4. They can also color pictures that begin with Ww.
  5. A witch project can also be fun for the young kids.

For the Older Kids:

  1. Write Ww in the blank.
  2. Box all letter Ww in a group of different letters.
  3. Match pictures to the beginning letter.
  4. Copy the syllables.
  5. Match the picture to the beginning syllable.
  6. Cross out the syllable that is different.


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