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Kindergarten Lessons: Fun Activities for Letter I

Updated on March 10, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

Kids love to have fun learning

Fun and Interesting Paper Works/Activities for Teaching Letter I

It is always important to make teaching the letters of the alphabet fun and interesting to the young kids. This can only be attained if the teacher is innovative and creative enough to think of different ideas to make learning more fun and interesting.

Teaching letter I is never an easy job especially to young kids who are just starting school life. What usually happens is that the kids either refuse to cooperate or they don’t listen to the teacher. It is therefore the teacher’s duty to do something in order for the young kids to cooperate and have fun while learning letter I.

After two weeks and you have taught Letters A and E successfully to the young kids; you can rest assured that teaching letter I would be fun too just like the two letters. But only then can the kids have fun if you demonstrate fun learning and you are able to maintain a good atmosphere for fun learning.

This could be achieved if you present different types of activities that the kids can enjoy. So you can start by singing the alphabet first.

A says aaaahhh


After singing the alphabet; show letter A again and ask the kids to say the letter. Next, show also letter E and ask the kids to say the letter. The next thing to do is to ask the kids to say the sound of each letter.

Like this:

“What is the sound of A?” The kids will say aaaahhh while doing the hand action.

Next, show the flash card for E and ask, “What’s the sound of E?” The kids will say eeeehhh while doing the hand action for the sound of E. Now you can show each child the two letters and ask them one by one to say the letters.

E says eeeehhh


First thing first:

Show a flash card with letter I and tell the kids; “Today children, we have a new letter. Our new letter is letter I. Everybody say I.” The kids will say I.

Now let each child say the letter I. If they are all done reciting you can now hold the flash card up in front of them and say, “The sound of I is iiiii.” Use a finger pointing up and moving upward to demonstrate the sound of I while saying iiiiiii. This will excite the kids to follow you.

Hand Action for the Sound of I


  • Ten Little Indian Boys

Ten Little Indian Boys is a very popular song that kids love to sing. This can be an added motivating activity to the kids. Let them sing the song while and emphasize in them that Indian begins with letter I.

  • Pick, Tell and Drop

This activity needs more objects that begin with letter I. You need a box to put in the objects. Let each child pick an object that begins with I then drop it in another box. If the child picks an object that does not begin with I, let him or her choose another one. That way, the child will learn the right objects that begin with I.

  • Paper Works
  1. Tracing Letter I
  2. Coloring objects that begin with I
  3. Coloring letter I in a group of different letters (Use only A, E and I) to avoid confusion.
  4. Coloring the correct picture that goes with the given letter (A, E, I)
  5. Encircle the correct letter for the given picture (A, E, I)
  6. Matching same letters
  7. Matching letters A, E, I to pictures
  8. These are all fun activities that enhancing learning of young kids. There are lots of fun activities that you can use to teach Letter I. It is important that you give lots of Letter Recognition exercises so that the kids will learn the letter better.

Young kids have very short span of interest and the more fun activities you give them, the better they will learn what you are teaching. If there are some kids that cannot cope with the other kids; give time for them to be able to cope with their classmates. Perhaps an extra work to do at home or you can always adjust to a slower pace where every kid could cope.

Remember that in a class of young kids; there are always fast and slow learners and it would be unfair if you leave the slow learners behind for the sake of the fast learners. If the others are too fast then give them extra work to do while the other kids are still doing their work. That way, the fast learners will not get bored and find some other things to do that may distract the other kids.

In a class of different children, you have to always adapt to a learning situation that is convenient for everybody. It is not fair for the slow learners to be left behind just because they are slow. It is always important to see into the needs of each child so that learning will be more effective.

Teaching is a never ending process. You learn everyday as you go. The kids will teach you what you do not know.



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