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Learn Basic German(and many more languages) naturally with Rosetta Stone software.

Updated on July 14, 2011

The rosetta stone software

The rosetta stone software which helps you to learn German (and many more languages naturally)
The rosetta stone software which helps you to learn German (and many more languages naturally) | Source

Learn basic German the natural way with Rosetta stone

Learn basic German the natural way

Company-Rosetta stone

Model-German Explorer Level 1

Link to product description

See sample here

£ 169(+-)

"Build a foundation of basic vocabulary and learn key elements of the German language. Develop the confidence to start reading, writing and speaking German. Gain skills vital for meeting new people, shopping, answering questions and so much more." This is the introduction from the Rosetta Stone website.


-Listening: There is a certain ease of learning when you have to interactively and intuitively engage with the product. You are given a set of four pictures that are accompanied by an audio file. You have to pick the picture that you think matches the sound. Rosetta stone either ticks or crosses your answer. The advantage of this is that you get to tune your inner ear into the tone of a native speaker. At the same time you understand the meaning of the said word or phrase.

-Reading: Rosetta stone allows you to practice your reading skills of the new language. Reading also comes with images that you have to associate to the phrase-a good way to learn.

-Speaking- Attached to your microphone on your computer, you get to be assessed constantly on how your intonation matches native speakers.

-Writing-exercises to practice your writing skills in the new language give you a chance under no pressure, to try out the text side of the language.

-Compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems.


The only frustrating thing I find about the Rosetta stone programme is actually the fact that your progress is quantifiable! This is not a bad thing at all, it just makes you aware how far you have come or have to go.

-The price tag is certainly high; I have to save up before I can consider purchasing Level 2

-I find downloading the programme from the CD to my computer to be a little complicated, so I have to insert the CD each time I want to run the programme. This is a personal problem and might not apply to other users.

Star rating.

4/5. A great product, let down by a high price tag, maybe Rosetta stone might consider cooperating with other companies to bring the price down.

How long have you used the product?

12 months.

Build quality and value for your money.

Though the price tag is high, it is worth it. The packaging is durable. I have not had any problems with the CD despite having run it so many times. The programme is effective and with effort on the users part, the German language basics become more attainable after running through the course- you can certainly follow basic conversation after learning the course.


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      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      smart smart hub write read well done thanks