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Learning Japanese: Katakana Resources

Updated on October 1, 2017

Learning Hiragana

These are resources for you to learn and practice Katakana no matter your skill level.

Memrise Is a fantastic resource for learning Katakana. Their courses are free (but a premium membership is an option) and the community is full of people who are on your same level or higher and would love to help you. Memrise also helps you actually memorize what you learn by use of repetition, flashcards, and paying attention to what answers you get wrong so it can help you get them right.

There are so many courses on memrise that you can't go wrong and the opportunity to make friends who can also help you makes this a valuable resource for learning Katakana and so much more.


There are lots of helpful videos on Youtube dedicated to helping you learn Katakana and can help you memorize Katakana with songs and fun word games. There is also the opportunity to find others who are interested in learning Katakana within the YouTube community as well as discovering more YouTube videos centered around learning Japanese.


Online Games

Games are a good and fun way to learn and practice when you don't feel like studying using other methods or don't have time to dedicate to spending time over a workbook.

Learning doesn't always have to be serious, it can be fun too! These are also great ways to test your knowledge and see what characters you still need to work on memorizing.

Tofugu's Ultimate Guide To Katakana.

Tofugu's Ultimate Guide To Katakana. This is a good resource to help you remember the Katakana shapes using pictures. They also have helpful videos and a page of their own resources for learning Japanese online.


Never give up! You've already gotten this far! Practice makes perfect is more than just a popular saying, it's true! If you keep with your studies and practice, practice, practice you'll be reading and writing Katakana in no time flat! There are plenty of resources out there for Japanese learning, I hope this guide has helped steer you in the right direction.

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