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Learning Japanese: Language Exchange Resources

Updated on October 1, 2017

Shared Talk: The Language Exchange Network

Shared Talk is a great resource for finding fellow learners or native Japanese people to talk to. They have both a Text chat and an Audio chat and a search function that helps you find a language partner.


italki has tons of users who are looking for language exchange partners and they have a search function that lets your sort through possible language partners based on what language they speak, what language they're learning, and even down to where they live and what gender they are. It's a great resource fill of really nice and helpful people.

italki's website also has another useful function. There you can find an online teacher to teach you japanese and to help you further your studies.


Wespeke is a little different in the way it matches you with potential language partners. When you sign up you fill out a profile that asks you about your interests, when you are done it then matches you with users who share the same interests as you and it shows you how alike you are with each user it matches you with and even suggests discussion topics while you're talking to someone based on your mutual interests.

You can also take lessons on wespeke but at the moment they don't have any Japanese lessons but they will in the future, it's a new function of the site so it's a work in progress. I'll update this description when they get it their Japanese lessons up.


Verbling is a website that lets you find tutors and pay for private lessons. They also have live classes you can sign up for and a growing community of language learners. Their Japenese content seems limited at the moment, though it's a community that would be a fantastic resource once it grows larger and gets more Japanese content.


HelloTalk is not a website, but a cool and interesting app for Android and Apple phones. It puts thousands of native speakers and fellow learners at your fingertips and has quite a few awesome features that can help you improve they way you communicate with your new language. It's worth checking out. An app this packed full of useful features that can connect you to language partners from around the world and you can keep it in your pocket! Now that's awesome.


Memrise is a website that is full of Japanese courses from the most basic beginner lessons to advanced studies. Why is it on this list when it's not a language exchange website? It's on this list because Memrise's community is huge, most of the courses are made by members of the community which you can follow. Memrise may not be exclusively a language exchange website, it doesn't even have a message system, but it does facilitate communication between users who are using the same courses through a forum. It's worth checking out!


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