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Lessons I Learned While Shopping

Updated on March 24, 2015
Shopping requires money.
Shopping requires money.

Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?

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Are you a shop-a-holic, or do you only go shopping when absolutely necessary? Does shopping get your adrenaline rushing, or does it stress you out? Some of us thrive on shopping, while others detest it. Some of us enjoy the experience of leisurely pushing a cart around and browsing, while others zip through the task of shopping as quickly as possible. Whatever type person you are, it's undeniable that you must go shopping, even if it is just occasionally. While in different stores shopping, I've looked around and some life lessons have come to mind.

Do not act on impulse, it can result in big problems.

The shopper who acts on impulse is the person with the maxed out credit cards. This is the impulsive person who buys everything that catches their attention. These shoppers don't take time to think about the fact they will eventually have to pay for all the items they purchase.

Being impulsive in life sometimes is not good either. When it comes to major decisions affecting finances, health, and relationships, a person should take time and consider options. Snap decisions often lead to problems later. Evaluate situations first, then act.

People who act and say things impulsively can also hurt others. The price a person pays for acting or speaking impulsively can be the loss of a good relationship.

Lists can be helpful.

I am not a list person, but my husband is. I hate the thought of jotting down items on a list to take with me shopping, but he must have a list. if he does not have a list, he will forget to buy it. I, on the other hand, make a list in my head, so I do have a plan on what I'm going to buy before I go shopping.

Lists can be helpful for shopping, and for life. A list need not be written on a piece of paper; instead a list can just be a simple plan in your head. If you have a plan, then you probably have a goal and steps on reaching that goal. A life list, written or not, provides an effective way to stay focused.

If you think something is wrong, challenge it.

When you go to the store and the total at the cash regster is wrong, you look over the receipt for mistakes because you don't want to be overcharged. If there is a mistake, you point it out to the cashier. Similarly, in life when you know something is wrong, point it out so the same mistake does not happen again. For example, if you know someone is lying or cheating, confront them. Perhaps there's a misunderstanding about the situation, or perhaps you are preventing another person from getting very hurt. Be responsible and challenge people who are doing wrong.

When your cart is full, quit.

As you push a cart through the isles of the store and add item after item, the cart quickly fills up and the cost of your purchases rises too.When your cart becomes full, it's time to check out and go home. Don't overload your cart so you can''t pay the bill.

Many of us experience this same situation in life. We overload our lives with responsibilities. We agree to do too many activities and overload our schedule. The cost becomes too much because, ultimately, overloading ourselves affects our health and well-being negatively. The price is too high to pay.

Don't get carried away and influenced by the actions of the crowd.

Years ago my daughter got caught up in the "Beany Baby" craze, and then my husband did. During one of his lunchhours, he went shopping with some of his co-workers to search for the latest shipment of Beanie Babies. They went to a local store, and my husband described what happened next: women started frantically grabbing for Beany Babies, and he joined in! He brought home a bunch of Beany Babies that night.

Like so many of us, he got caught caught up in the actions of the group. We certainly did not need anymore Beanie Babies because we already had many, but when everyone around him started grabbing, he did too.

In life we also need to make sure we don't get too influenced by the group and lose sight of our true convictions and values. It's easy to be talked into doing something when everyone else is in agreement and you are the one standing alone. But it's important to be true to yourself and your own beliefs; you are the one who has to live with you.

You can find real gems in unlikely places.

Have you ever been to a rummage sale and found a great buy, an item you've been looking for for a long time? This can happen in life too. Sometimes you end up going to places where normally you might not go, and you meet someone who really impacts your life in an extraordinary way. This situation happens more often than you might think, and a person's life can be changed forever.

Through the years, I've spent many hours shopping, and I enjoy it. I have also spent time observing the people around me and what they do. By watching shoppers of all kinds, I've learned some valuable lessons and now I've shared them with you.

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    • Julie A. Johnson profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie A. Johnson 

      10 years ago from Duluth, MN

      Veronica, Thank you. I think we have all shopped on impulse at one time or another--I know I'm guilty. Everything in moderation; yoou have to have a biit of fun once in a while. LOL Julie

    • Veronica Bright profile image

      Veronica Bright 

      10 years ago from Nebraska

      I always impulse I make up menus as I am shopping, NOT a good idea! Great hub

    • Julie A. Johnson profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie A. Johnson 

      10 years ago from Duluth, MN

      2patricias, You're right, there's probably not a lot of hubs about shopping, and I'm glad you found it thought-provoking. Thanks for your comments. Julie

    • 2patricias profile image


      10 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Unusual hub - quite thought provoking. thanks.

    • Julie A. Johnson profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie A. Johnson 

      10 years ago from Duluth, MN

      Dottie, Yes, list can be extremely helpful when you have a lot on your mind. Thanks Dottie. Julie

    • Dottie1 profile image


      10 years ago from MA, USA

      Great article Julie. I do not use a list on a daily basis. But I found it to be very effective when I am stressed with information overload. Unloading onto a list helps me to think more clearly.

    • Julie A. Johnson profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie A. Johnson 

      10 years ago from Duluth, MN

      IVETA, I'm glad you found the information helpful. Thanks for taking time to read, and enjoy shopping! Julie

    • iveta profile image


      10 years ago from UK

      I am a list person, but sometime I bay thinks with at the moment cheap like washing powder or meat. Thanks I learn some great think from this Hub.

    • Julie A. Johnson profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie A. Johnson 

      10 years ago from Duluth, MN

      Eileen, Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I agree responsibility in shopping, and life, is important. Julie

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 

      10 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      That was great I think we can all learn how to be more responsible when going shopping. Thanks


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