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Education in Times of Disasters

Updated on May 2, 2020
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Different learning modalities do not shun meaningful learning experiences; they complement and strengthen learning even more.

We learn in every way possible!

When students cannot go to school because of unavoidable circumstances, learning environment meet them at home. Simply put, nothing stops learning in this era. It continues to evolve and it is more liberating than depriving.

Education in Paralyzed Society

Formal education may have this three types:

  1. Traditional face-to-face learning,
  2. Home schooling, and
  3. Blended learning.

The above types of learning cater to the different needs of the students and are responsive to the call of the situation.

The Traditional Face-to-Face Learning is not a marvel to us all. It is the commonly adopted means of education across the globe as it happens inside or outside the school with the presence of both the students and teachers. Usually, this happens when the learning environment is conducive to learning and is free from threats to both the students and teachers. Learning is being facilitated by a classroom teacher with different learning aids like visual, audio, or audio visual materials.

Home Schooling is another way to learn. Some students enroll to a home schooling because of different reasons such as but not limited to:

  • inability to travel from home to school,
  • child's fear to associate with a large group of learners,
  • disasters, and the like.

When home schooling is at a set, (1) a personal teacher goes to the student, (2) on-line learning is at place, and (3) modular learning is happening. At a glance, we understand what happens when homeschooling is facilitated by a teacher and an on-line learning makes use of internet connectivity as a means of engaging oneself in discussion. On the other hand, modular learning makes use of a module designed by teachers or educational experts designed to help the student learn at his/her own pace. This homeschooling is being adopted worldwide to address the different needs of the learners to a quality and equitable education. Recently, different education leaders across the globe are gearing towards adopting homeschooling to avoid physical contact due to the threats of covid-19.

Finally, Blended Learning combines the first and second types of the formal education. Since it combines traditional face-to-face and on-line or modular approaches, it happens when a student is in a situation like sudden illness or early pregnancy making him/her unavailable to go to school on a regular basis.

Continuous Learning

Learning must continue despite the situation that the world faces. In this regard, learning continuity plans are being prepared for by the educational leaders to address the current need in education. The main purpose is to help learners grow, not deprive them of learning experiences that will help them grow as a person. The Learning Continuity Plans crafted by educational experts are responsive to the demands of the 21st Century learners and the situation that the world faces. It is directed towards attaining the utmost goal of education which is to mold the totality of an individual. During wars, pandemics, and other disasters that paralyzes the educational sector and the whole social running at large, education does not stop. When the doors of the school shut due to the mentioned disasters, a 'new normal' is being introduced to be as proactive as possible. This way, learners are provided with a liberating education.

The Role of the Teachers and Parents

Wen disasters are prevalent and homeschooling or blended education is adopted for the learners, both the parents and the teachers have roles to play in helping the kids get through it. The weight is not solely upon the shoulders of the teachers because the parents have a part to take especially that the learners are in their watch. Hence, a good communication between the parents and the teachers is very important to facilitate productive and engaging learning for the students. The teachers provide learning modules with activities designed at the pace of the students for them to accompisj while they are at home. Sometimes, these learning modules are printed while others are electronic for flexibility in use and in need of the learners. While the students are doing their tasks at home, their parents should look after their children and provide the necessary assistance that the learners need. Doing so, the learners are being guided adequately to achieve in the competencies being targeted in every learning opportunity given to them.

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