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Listen to the Voice Inside and Self Realization

Updated on August 4, 2017

The need to experience - we have a need to experience to know we are alive.

The writer at 74.  Tom has devoted most of his adult life towards trying to find out what we are, and what we are not.
The writer at 74. Tom has devoted most of his adult life towards trying to find out what we are, and what we are not.

Listen to the wisdom we all have and move towards Self Realization

There is at the time I write this, a popular song on radio called, Listen to the Voice Inside. I haven’t followed the lyrics closely, but I assume that the song’s writer is advocating that we listen to the wisdom we all have within us, but so few pay attention to. The reason so few listen being that the incessant chatter of our ego-thinking doesn’t allow for the silence. Be this as it may, people are of the opinion that this voice is inside us. That is, it is internal- within the body.

We are both local and non-local

I am going to tell you something which might seem quite peculiar: The voice inside is not only inside, it is outside as well. It is non-local. It is only by convention that we assume the voice to be within our physical bodies, or inside our brain and therefore part of our thinking processes.

What I am saying here is that our consciousness is non-local. It is of the soul; the soul being that part of us that we could call a combination of our beliefs, values, qualities, but most of all our continuing awareness, aspect of us which do not depend upon the existence of a physical body. As we are now beginning to realize, our earlier conceptions -Material Realism- are giving way to the idea of a Universal Field of Consciousness of which we are a part. This is the present day thrust of quantum mechanics.

Let us explain a little more about this by way of analogy

The IIlimitable Universal Field of Consciousness holds all wisdom.

Let us assume that the sky is this is illimitable Universal Field of Consciousness. We are perhaps lying on a deck chair looking up at it. It is absolutely blue. Not a wisp of cloud, no vapour trails from aircraft, no birds flying by. The sky is all there is for us at that moment. You could call it a fathomless blue which covers all. Now let us take this one step further and say that the sky is conscious: conscious of itself.

It is not conscious of time, because nothing changes. It is not conscious of distance, because there is nothing with which it can compare one point with another. It knows IT IS. It is aware but that is all.

Listen to the Voice Inside. We need to experience in our journey to Self Realization

By way of analogy, I'd like you to imagine that you are a cloud.

Now, supposing the temperature drops just a tiny bit over one small area of land. You, in the ground looking up, now see a faint trace of cloud. The consciousness that is the sky knows that there is now something there. There is a material presence. But consciousness, being everywhere, is both inside that tiny cloud and outside of it. You could say it permeates the cloud.

Another cloud appears, this one bigger, higher, darker. The consciousness-part, i.e. the amount of consciousness within the little cloud, can look at itself and now can say, “I am something. I am some thing. Oh, there is another something. It’s bigger than me, and darker in colour.” So now a number of things have come into existence: comparison, “I am small. It is bigger.” But remember, it is the consciousness within the little cloud that is making this comparison. It does not say, “I am small therefore I am inferior to that bigger cloud.” Something else does that.

Wisdom tells us that all ego conditioning starts with comparisons

What is the something else that makes the comparison and then comes up with a value judgment such as. “I am small and that other is big, therefore I am inferior” Conditioning. Ego-conditioning.

The very moment the little cloud formed, the consciousness within it could say, “I am some thing. Out there is nothing.” When the second cloud formed. “ I am something. And out there is also some thing.” Thence would begin the comparisons. Then consciousness would descend (I use the word descend not in a negative way, but simply to depict a happening, in this case a lowering of the frequency of the air mass so that some of the water vapour in it, in a particular location, condensed into water droplets and now is a cloud)

The Universe, the worlds of relativity

Now we come into a Universe of Relativity. “I am here. It is there. There is distance between us. It is big, I am small. It is dark, I am light.” Still no judgmental stuff here, simply what the little cloud deems as facts. And these are facts without emotion.

What has all of this got to do with listen to the voice inside? Everything. For as I said earlier in our analogy. It is the sky which has the consciousness. The sky, plus the water droplets which are now a cloud. To reiterate, the sky is the main consciousness and it is all over. It is infinite; everywhere at all times. The cloud comes into existence. It grows bigger as the temperature drops and more moisture condenses into cloud. (it can even change to a denser form, and precipitate out as rain, hail, sleet or snow, but it is still basically sky) But a little later the tiny cloud fades away, going back into the blue from which it came.

Wisdom tells us that emotions are reactions to our thoughts

We can liken the cloud to our physicality, our material body. We can liken our conditioned mind, our ego, to a subtler form of cloud. Our emotions fall somewhere between the two, the physical and our thoughts; they are the reactions of our thoughts as felt and recorded and stored in our physicality. But they are not us. We are the consciousness, the sky-part which is all over, is both local and non-local. So when we talk about listen to the voice within, we are really talking about listening to the Infinite Voice, the sky-part which is all over. We are the consciousness, not the material patterns which make us what we so often believe ourselves to be.

Self realization tells us we are the life which permeates and maintains its creations

You could say, if you like, that we are the life that permeates and maintains the things it creates that this life – this consciousness which is the real us – can experience. For without Its creations, in this dimension we call the Earth Plane, anyway, It (we) would have no concepts of anything other than our own awareness; a blue, blue, sky with nothing with which to compare.

How long could you look up at a clear blue sky, without a thought, in utter stillness, before you decided that you needed to experience something more?

I hope that you enjoyed Listen to the Voice Inside. Please get back to me with your comments. It’s nice to know one is actually contributing in some way.




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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    It is gratifying to receive an approval from another writer, as from the "thevoice" three hours ago.

    I must admit to a minor concern. My essay applies to all: race, colour, creed, religion. Although I admit to a belief that Jesus of Nazereth was, when he lived upon this planet, an enlightened being, (Christ Consciousness, Buddha Mind, etc.) he was not, and is not the only such being. In other words, we are all sons and daughters of 'God' whatever you see Her/Him/It to be. No one has exclusive right to be "the only son of..."

    I think you'll get my drift.

  • thevoice profile image

    thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

    terrific voice thanks