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Man was created a Social Being

Updated on October 10, 2014

Features of a Good Friend

Firstly, a good friend can be defined as someone who loves people for what they are. If people see you and feel inclined to love you for who you are, they are not only good but true friends. This category of friends is very different from people who pretend to love others based on what they have. Relations based on material possessions never lasts. When one’s wealth ends, or falls in fateful scandals and they lose every desirable thing they had, fake friends tend to run away from them. However, because true friendship is established on the foundation of love: loving others for who they are but not what they have, true friendship continues even in times of misery and suffering.

A social Being

Since his creation, man has always been said to be a social being. Individuals are said to be social beings because other individuals influence whatever they do. They form social groups that help them feel secure and support each other in times of need. No wonder the old sage says that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Because of the dynamic nature of human lives, literature lacks the clear definition of who is a good friend. What scholars have so far written in their attempt to define a good friend is a combination of many human factors.

Secondly, good friends can be termed as individuals whom one can trust and confide. They are the people whom others trusts and finds it easy to share their secrets with them. Whenever, one of them has issues that ought to be shared, they feel secure to share them, knowing that the shared information will be secure from reaching third parties. Because of much faith and trust that goods friends share, they do not expect one of them to betray them by exposing all their secret information. However, the aforementioned definition of a good friend being defined on the basis of trust holds when these friends share good secrets: secrets of good intentions but not evil ones.

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Thirdly, good friends are defined as people that respect themselves and extend the same respect to others. These friends do not lead others astray. They do not involve others into matters that make them regret in the future. Because such friends respect each other, they are careful enough not to offend the others. However, cases of conflicts arise among them because of few misunderstandings. However, these cases handled in calm and careful manner that would not result to further conflicts due to disrespects. Additionally, the concept of defining good friends based on respect extends even to male -female relations. In such gender-based relations, good friendships are founded on respect. Male or female friends respect one another for who they are. They understand the essence of living a dignified life and wish to live in harmony without offending each other through disrespects.

Good friends

Finally, good friends can be defined as people who would stand with one another, in solidarity, in times of one’s suffering. When trials and tribulations fall on one of them, they are there to support their friend until when the storms of life cease. For example, in times of grief, such good friends are always there to comfort the bereaved. In times of poor health and medication, good friends are always there to give one of their members hope and strength for a quick recovery. When fate befalls one of their members and they lose their properties due to calamities, good friends are present to help the fellow pass the old life and start a new beginning. Therefore, the concept of good friendship encompasses all the good aspects of life. A single factor of an event cannot give the full definition of good friends.

A good wedding


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      3 years ago

      Nice hub. Keep the fire going


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