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Money You Wish You Had

Updated on March 10, 2016

$500 Bill

$1,000 Dollar Bill

Muppet Show. Dr.Teeth - Money Song

$5,000 Dollar Bill

$10,000 Dollar Bill

$100,000 Dollar Bill

I Wish I Had One Of Each

What's the largest denomination of US paper money ever made? What's the largest still made? If you already know the answer, congratulations, you're smarter then me. Most people think the hundred dollar bill is the highest you can go. Oh no, you can get a higher amount. Let the journey begin.

The $500 Dollar Bill

Yes, it can be hard to believe, but the U.S. government printed $500 dollar bills for the public to use. The $500 dollar bill was printed with a portrait of the twenty-fifth President, William McKinley. Today, there are very few of these bills left. Today they are collectors items and sell for thousands. The funny thing is they could still be used in stores today, because the law states it's legal tender.

The $1,000 Dollar Bill

The U.S. government has also printed the $1000 dollar bill which has circulated in the American public. The $1000 dollar bill has a portrait of the twenty-fourth President, Grover Cleveland. $1,000 U.S. dollar bills are also collector items and can be found for sale online. The $1000 bills and all bills of more than $100 were printed until 1946. They were then allowed for public use until 1969, when they were recalled. The only remaining $1,000 dollar bills are the ones that were not turned in on the recall.There are a few and are worth thousands of dollars.

The $5,000 Dollar Bill

The U.S. government has also printed the $5000 bill, which was distributed to the American public until 1969, when it was recalled. This bill contains a portrait of the fourth U.S. president, James Madison. There are less than five hundred $5,000 bills left in the world.

The $10,000 Dollar Bill

The $10,000 U.S. dollars was the highest of all the dollar bills, printed and distributed to the American public. This bill contains a portrait of U.S. Treasury Secretary Chase. These bills were also recalled in 1969 and very few are still around today. The $10,000 dollar bill is also a collector's item and can be purchased online. But do not expect these bills to cheap, be prepared to put a dent in your wallet and shell out more than $10 000.

The $100,000 Dollar Bill

The $100,000 dollar bill is actually not a dollar bill , it’s a gold certificate. What is a gold certificate? Well a gold certificate is money that the government prints, that only they can own and use.. It is designed for use in financial transactions. They were never issued or used in general circulation. This special gold certificate has the 28th President Woodrow Wilson's portrait on it. There were only 42,000 $100,000 dollar certificates printed. There aren't any for sale and are used for educational purposes only. The few $100,000 certificates still around are institutionalized today and may be seen only in some museums.


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