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All Mother Nature's Fury

Updated on March 23, 2022

Why is earth changing?

If you have not noticed, Mother Nature is wiling out. There's a lot of earthly things going on right now and it's all too concurrent. Presently we are experiencing not only many natural disasters but also a good array. Our record books show that we have had the most tornadoes in a concentrated area ever recorded and that was this year. From April 14-16 there was 130 tornadoes recorded in the United States. There has been an estimated 700 tornadoes thus far in 2011. One of these tornadoes earned a share spot on the top 10 most deadliest tornadoes ever recorded via Joplin, Missouri with 139 dead @ #7.

Take a look at the stats simplified courtesy of Wikipedia.

Year Death Toll

1. 1925 - 794

2. 1936 - 553

3. 1917 - 551

4. 1927 - 540

5. 1896 - 537

6. 1953 - 519

7. 2011 - 512

8. 1920 - 499

9. 1908 - 477

10. 1909 - 404

Now I hate to scare anyone but the reality is that it's scary all the while. There has been so many disasters around the world this year alone that the information is too much to state, but if you don't have your " head up your you know what " then you should notice that your life is in danger. What's causing this? Well I'll tell you what your suppose to think and I'll tell I what you shouldn't which comes off as a conspiracy.

We're suppose to think that it's pollution (" you know global warming and all ") but the truth is that there's a galactic warming going on. Science shows us (not politics) that our solar system is warming up. Moons that have ice along with iced planets have been melting millions of miles away. Our sun (the center of our galaxy) is the reason for all this, even some so called conspiracies. The sun is acting irregular and flaring particles our way at alarming rates. Why is that happening? Well here's where the conspiracy theory comes. Our earth is on the verge of flipping on it's axis as predicted by the Mayan calender. Okay, why would you care about some civilization foreseeing our future? Well how about that civilization is how we know so much in modern times about our stars and planets. Imagine all they knew without scopes and gadgets. Why would we undermine anything they predicted when we live by their dating system. Your zodiac sign was created by the way they studied the skies. The Mayans along with many civilizations and foreseers did not predict the end of the world. They predicted that " The world as we know it will come to an end ". What the Mayans have predicted is based on their studies in astrology which is the blueprint for modern day astrology. They had vast knowledge that to us is unbelievable. They say that earth is on the verge of eclipsing with the sun, moon and center of our galaxy (the black hole) and that in turn will make earth lose it's gravitational pull. To better understand this you would have to know what the black hole is. The black hole is no hole at all. There's a star or sun in the middle of that with a strong magnetic pull that keeps galactic junk (rocks, comets, asteroids, etc..) going in circles around it. Therefore it's blocking us from seeing light. That gravitational pull will make earth's gravitational flip like two magnets when it's aligned and form a line. That will happen on December 12, 2012. Now if your skeptical let me tell you this fact: The Mayans have predicted solar eclipses hundreds to thousands of years before it happened. The 2012 prediction is based on a galactic alignment that will cause a galactic eclipse. This in turn would make the South Pole the North Pole exchange places. Believe me, I was a skeptic until but a bunch of students from Princeton University conducted a study and proved that the South Pole was the North Pole at some point. They dug deep into the S Pole and found rock settlements from the N Pole in layers. They know that the South Pole had more ice and snow then the North. Okay, picture this easily....

If you take 2 ice cubes and pour them into a cup and place a lid (or your hand) on it and flip it over then the ice goes to the top, right? Try it out. Okay let's use some common sense here. Look at the earth globe and see that the ice is on top. We are coming off an Ice Age. North America was once covered by a glacier, we know this to be a fact.

I'm sure you all know that some Asian dude finds a wooly mammoth is some frozen ocean a couple years back (could be wrong on the date). Well did you know that the wooly mammoth had just bitten his meal for the time being AND! it was still in his mouth when we was frozen solid. How does that happen so quickly? How did mankind or any of these mammals make it this far and not the dinosaurs? Uhm, gravity. Now they want us to think that somehow an asteroid or comet hit earth (which it did but not to the extent of destruction ). So supposedly this comet caused dust clouds that lasted for 100,000 to millions of years thus blocking out the sun thus poisoning the water thus making vegetarian prehistoric animals eat meat and making the meat eater the last in line to die. The caveman survived though alongside the hummingbirds but NOT the flying dinosaur? When the earth flipped before it killed the dinosaurs because of the metric weight and most of the dinosaurs ended up thousands of feet underground. Now you can't deny me that because we get our fossil fuel (which is dead dinosaurs) by drilling deep into the earth. Common freaking sense. Small animals and mankind made it because we knew where to hide, big ass dinosaurs didn't. We need to find out where the cavemen went and get ready.

So why would our governments makes us think this? Because they wouldn't know how to save us all. They gave us religion to control the masses for the time being. There's an Egyptian pyramid on the back of American Dollar bill. There are no freaking pyramids in the US. There's pyramids in Egypt that resemble that placed on the back of a dollar and it's there for a reason. It says " In God We Trust " but that god is not the one you were led to believe in. That god, OUR god is the sun. That eye you see over that pyramid is the eye of Horus, who praised the sun as his god. Why isn't in our history books? I tell you why because what we know is the customary way of thinking. It's tradition more or less. Don't' think so? Well just ask anyone younger than you how many planets is there in our solar system. Now ask someone older, much older and I'm guaranteeing you the majority of elder people (to you) will argue that Pluto is a planet. If you haven't realized common knowledge becomes tradition. Sort of like religion. Your preached to when you are young that by the time you can make your own decisions no one is going to convince that there is no god.

Notice how the world looks like a puzzle. It was all connected once and then some of the continents have seem to have broken off and floated away. If you study it a while you'll notice a pattern. Notice all the earthquakes we had this year alone? There in a pattern. It's sort of like a C that points downward towards the SE Atlantic. This is because our earth is already getting ready for this twist. Heard of the zodiac signs changing? That because our rotation on our axis has been altered due to an earthquake and tsunami. Earthquakes are signs of what's to come. Check out the list for the;

Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes Ever

Year - Deaths

1. 1556 - 830,000

2. 1976 - 255,000

3. 1138 - 230,000

4. 2004 - 237,000

5. 2010 - 222,570

Now that's just the top 5 but we lived through two of those catastrophes.

Now I don't even want to get into hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, volcano eruptions or disruptions and not to mention flocks of birds and animals dropping dead. Just turn on the weather channel or even your local news and you'll see it everyday. Do you remember it like this say 10, 20, 30 years ago? I sense that you could sense that there isn't much that we can do. Recycling don't mean squat when it comes to weather. Recycling and living green has all to do with conserving our resources.

When it's all said and done, we can't save everybody. If for 1 second you think that your not in danger then your like those victims in Joplin who heard the sirens but thought of it as a normal siren, you know.... traditional. What can we do? By this time bunkers to save us all could have been built, if they really want to save lives. If they cared so much then those houses with children who died due to tornadoes last week would've all had bunkers paid for with their taxes. But it seems to be a luxury in the Great Plains and Midwest. There's too many people in the world and our resources are scarce to where there just cloning (synthesizing) them. The truth is someone has been trying to take us out. Within my short life span I have been witness to so many diseases of similar threats like someone is trying to make a super killer. Birds and mammals are dropping dead, are these test? Maybe.

I know theses didn't work;

1. Mad Cow Disease

2. Sars

3. West Nile Virus

4. Swine - Flu

5. Anthrax

6. Morgellons Disease

Now don't underestimate these dirty doers for they are persistent. There's so much going on with our weather that people don't realize until it's too late. We are averted from the reality of our weather with award ceremonies, fancy gadgets, alluring websites, our fully loaded Ipods & Ipads and so much more. We are being distracted and mislead. Our galaxy is warming up and our sun is changing our precious earth rapidly because it is itself about to change. I ask that my readers look into science for an answer and nothing more. There are no religious forecasters. There are scientific conductions that supports what I say. I asked that you read because there is preventative measures we can take to save lives and we are not told of this because the fear of a panic. But seemingly we are panicking. There's people losing there's lives to the weather all too often. There's a smoking volcano and a dangerous tornado season lurking about. The earth is ratting underneath us everywhere. Cities are being flooded completely at rates we never seen. Mother Nature is not as pretty as she use to be, actually she is very ugly. Read people. Pick up a National Geographic magazine and set aside your idol viewing night just one time and get to know something on your own rather it be put upon you. You will see that science has the best explanation for what is going on with our environment. You will learn what the Mayans and the Greeks, along with Nostradamus, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, The Aztecs, The Ancient Chinese bible and our founding fathers of America (who stamped and created the American Dollar) were trying to tell you. It had nothing to do with religion, it was all nature. Mother Nature's reaction to the sun, the creator of all life. Where would we be without it?

Do you believe in science more or religion?

Do you believe in science more or religion?

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