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Moving Day Tips: An Amateur's Perspective

Updated on May 18, 2012

Having just completed my first voluntary move in my life(all others being dictate by a higher authority, being either my parents or the U.S. Army), I decided to put together a list of tips for the other amateurs out there like myself to facilitate a better experience for others in the future.

1. Check the weather.

Even if the date you picked for moving is a long ways away, keep an eye on the weather, especially in the week leading up to the move. Moving on all its own sucks as it is, having to do it in inclement weather makes it that much worse. The rain is not your friend.

2. Organize your packing.

Make sure you know what is getting packed where with whatever else you have. That way you are not in utter disarray when you have to start looking for stuff that you need immediately. Tearing my room apart before work looking for my deodorant was not time well spent, and I STILL haven’t found it.

3. Overestimate your stuff.

It is essential that you make sure that you have enough containers, boxes and bags for everything you are packing, so you don’t have to resort to some impromptu packing containers to make sure that nothing left behind. Bedding should be best used for exactly that.

4. Get reliable help.

Take my advice, if the move isn’t long distance, get as much help from friends and family as you can get, so that this doesn’t get dragged out to eternity. Lots of people will make it go faster, and get it done sooner in fewer trips.

5. The less trips, the better.

If you’re doing a move into or out of a dorm, where furniture is not an issue, then a van and a car for moving might be enough. However, if there’s furniture (bed, bookcase, computer desk), appliances (mini-fridge, microwave, toaster oven, lamps) or technology (television, desktop computer, entertainment system), it might be a good idea to either rent a U-Haul trailer or truck, or bribe some friends with pickups and cargo vans for help.

6. Know the space.

Have a general map of the space your moving into, that way you can properly organize where stuff is going, where the outlets, cables, and general wire hook-ups are, and windows and lighting. That way you don’t have to keep rearranging everything to in order to plug in electronics and not block airways and windows.

I hope these tips are helpful to people, or if not at least amusing of my follies. If I have been helpful to anyone, please let me know. Hopefully next time moving won’t be such a trial for you, and me.


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    • Diane Van Hook profile image

      Diane Van Hook 5 years ago from CT

      It sounds like Murphy had it out for you. He is one of my frequent companions, so I recognize the aftermath of his visits well.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      I'm a veteran of 10 moves in 30 years, and these are great tips. Voted up and useful. I've done even more - complete floor plans, etc. But something always doesn't go right. I was in a company that moved, and the box containing the CEO's passport got lost in the book warehouse - we had to dig through over 100 boxes so he could make his trip out of the country! And one time, I did everything right, but the movers got lost, crashed into a bridge and put a hole in the top of their truck, and it flooded with rainwater before they unpacked my stuff!

    • Diane Van Hook profile image

      Diane Van Hook 5 years ago from CT

      So do I at this point, and I hate the aftermath: unpacking~

    • DS Duby profile image

      DS Duby 5 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Great advice, I hope to not have to follow it anytime soon. I hate moving.