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Our Brains Have 2 Hemispheres, a Left Side and a Right Side. Which Side is Your Dominant Side?

Updated on July 24, 2017

Right and Left Side Dominance

The easiest way to find out whether the right side of your brain is dominant or whether the left side is dominant is to jot down a few tid bits of information about yourself. Do you keep a "to do" list and stick to it until each task is complete or do you hop around, completing some of one, go on to another and finish the first one at a later time? Are you creative or more of a logical person? To find out, check out the attributes of the right and left sides of the brain below.

Right Side Dominance

  • A person whose right side of the brain is dominant may not have the ability to express their feelings in words without writing them down. They may not remember what they want to say. They're just not that good with words.
  • They may skip over steps to find out an answer to a question because they feel that they already know it. They don't know how they know it but they do. They also don't have the patience to read lengthy articles.
  • As far as learning goes, they enjoy hands on learning over memorization. Put this person in a lab or at a table with plenty of art supplies and they're happy.
  • Don't ask them what was said in a lecture because unless they've done some research before class or read the chapter they were assigned before class, they really wouldn't know.
  • They may not understand the process of solving a problem until they are given the answer. With the answer in hand, the process begins to make sense.
  • Are you creative? Do you love art and music? If so, then the right side of your brain is dominant.
  • This person isn't all that good at making lists and sticking to the tasks they've written down. They bounce around, doing what they want. They may not feel like finishing task number one but will come back and finish it later on.

Left Side Dominance

The person whose left side of the brain is dominant is much more logical. He or she enjoys math and science. He is methodical. Here are some attributes of the dominance of the left side of the brain.

  • This person has the ability to express themselves with words. They can talk the talk, no matter what the subject is.
  • Lists may be scattered all over your desk if your left side of the brain is dominant, and the tasks will be completed in the order they are written. There's no skipping around.
  • Answers are found by exploration with notes written down step by step. Each step is noted, understood, and the problem will be solved no matter how much time it takes.
  • With a great memory, a lecture will be memorized from beginning to end with no trouble at all.
  • Vocabulary words, mathematical equations and chemistry problems, are memorized quite easily.
  • This person prefers logic over using their intuition. This is why they must read assignment, step by step until they have a thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • Better at math, science and language, the left side dominant person thinks differently than the right. They are logical, they take each piece of an equation and they inspect it until they have the answer.

Each Side Processes Information Differently than the Other

Each of us has a dominant side of our brain but they operate better together than alone. There are nerves attaching one side of the brain to the other so they can communicate with each other. The right side of the brain sends information to the left side and vice versa.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body while the left side controls the right side of the body. Each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body.

Which Side of Your Brain is Dominant?

I am right side dominant. I have no patience when it comes to reading every detail of an article. I may skip around, find the answer, then go back and read a little more. So what if I miss out on something of great importance? I love the arts. Music, painting, sewing and other creative hobbies give me a sense of peace and accomplishment. Don't ask me to memorize lists or remember a mathematical formula. I am not a smooth talker either, nor am I a list maker. Are you? Which side of your brain is dominant?

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Are you left side dominant or right?

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