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Mysteries Of The Yeti

Updated on October 22, 2011

There are some things in the world that have confused mankind over the ages. Many myths,mythological creatures and lost places have been found in different cultures. Each culture has a different explanation of these strange happening and they have their own legends which keep circulating as generations pass on.

Dragons,Sea Serpents,Centaur, Mermaids are some examples of these mysterious creatures and similarly many places have thought to have been existed like the 'Lost World of Atlantis'. Everyone throughout the ages have tried to give there own explanation of these legends and myths, some claim them to be mere stories and others argue about their existence. But the fact is there hasn't been any significant amount of evidence in all these things to really make some one belief about their reality yet the are still popular in our lives.

Yeti foot print found by a Japanese team
Yeti foot print found by a Japanese team

There is always a large group of people who strongly believe in the existence of these creatures and stories, mainly because they feel that some things cannot be completely denied. Strange things do exist in this world and many have even experienced them which makes the belief of their existence of these things even stronger.

The Yeti

Like many other creatures that have existed in different historic books and cultures, Yeti is one such being. But Yeti is different from these mythological creatures because it belongs to that class which has been literally seen by some people. Although I can not claim whether anyone has really seen it or not yet there is a large number of people who will tell you about its sightings.

Appearance of Yeti

The Yeti is a kind of abominable snowman that looks like an ape. It belongs to the class of Cryptids, which are creatures that are believed to exist but scientifically, their existence is not confirmed. The most known features of Yeti, which have been known by people are that, it can walk like a man and has long white hairs covereing its whole body. It has a big man like foot which is a major evidence of it existence because many large, man like footprints have been seen by people in its suppose habitat.

Where Does Yeti Live?

The popular place where the sightings of Yeti have been claimed is the Himalayas. The dangerous and extreme mountainous areas of the Himalayan region is a place where only a handful of local population have been living for centuries. Most of the people that come to this place arrive here for the purpose of mountaineering and hiking. So the reports about its sightings have been mostly registered by these mountaineers who saw its foot prints on high areas of Himalayas. Although many sightings have been reported yet, no one has really witnessed it up close to provide any sufficient evidence about its existence.

Bigfoot and Yeti

There is a close resemblance between existence of the Yeti and the American Bigfoot. The Bigfoot is a similar creature or a cryptid that is believed to live in the North-West region of America. Its main habitat is the forest area of North America. Similar stories like that of the Yeti, have been heard about Bigfoot.

The resemblance between these two cryptids is based on their similar appearance. With long hairy bodies and the common stories of their sighting, both these creatures resemble in their supposed appearance. Although it has been reported that the colour of the Bigfoot is some what dark brownish as compared to white colour of the Yeti.

Yeti Sightings

There has been many events of its sightings and most of them being mentioned in travel accounts of some adventurer. The first stories about Yeti's sightings emerged in the early 19th century when and adventurer B.H Hodgson claimed to have seen a long ape like creature who ran away on seeing his team.

Similar accounts were published about its sightings and man like foot trail, in the late 19th century.

Later in the 20th century when many mountaineers started to move to the Himalayan region, the number of sightings dramatically increased. The most popular of these is one by Eric Shipton in 1951. Eric even took some snaps of the Yeti while his visit but still it was thought to be an inconclusive evidence.

Even Sir Edmund Hillary reported footprints of Yeti during his famous Mount Everest expedition. Soon afterwards many new things started to appear like, hair samples of Yeti, Yeti's feces etc. Many researches were carried out on these specimens and some concluded them to be of something unknown while others related them to some bear or goat specie. This once again made everything inconclusive.

Present Sightings

Presently similar beliefs are being circulated about its existence and recently the most authentic study about them was carried by a BBC team who analyzed a hair sample of Yeti. The hair after DNA test revealed its resemblance to that found by Sir Edmund Hillary during his expedition. A close analysis showed that these hairs belonged to the Himalayan Gorals.

Currently more stories are appearing on the scene and recently a Japanese team claimed to have filmed Yeti on there cameras. Such things continue to trouble scientists and it is really hard to find the authenticity of any of these claims. Lets hope that in the near future we will be sure about Yeti's status.

Yeti Sighting Video


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    • profile image

      Brayton 5 years ago

      i think it real i don't dibeleve but its true they can be real

    • profile image

      ronald 5 years ago

      how did the yeti lived in that days.

    • profile image

      katiegrace 6 years ago

      that is asome

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Also seem at sevier county high school in 2004- 2008

    • profile image

      Lety me see 6 years ago

      it is not showing

    • profile image

      chandu 6 years ago

      so nice

    • profile image

      Afua Bediako 6 years ago

      I am interested. I will keep watching out for more stories.

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 6 years ago

      Well, I think that it is probable the Yeti and Bigfoot do exist. Maybe it is not yet time for us to actually see them face to face.

    • profile image

      Prof. Samuel Jackson 8 years ago

      Yes, there have also been many yeti sightings in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in the Great Neck area.