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Conscious and subconscious

Updated on February 15, 2013

Everything we do is first processed by the subconscious and after that we realize it and we become conscious of it. NLP has a special approach when it comes to conscious and subconscious and it has nothing in common with psychology schools. These two great things are working in some weird ways. For example if you want to memorize a phone number and it has 10 digits, you can remember every digit and there will be 10 information to remember, but when you memorize it as a phone number there will be only one information to remember. So the way that the information is organized in our brain works in different ways.

In NLP the subconscious is used to identify everything that is not active in conscious. It could be easy to understand if you think the subconscious is like a blank spot where all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, that are not helping us in that moment, are deposited. When we need all these things, they become active and the subconscious is moving them back to conscious.

Some things such as beliefs are always in the subconscious but they are helping you to evolve without letting you know. Things like how a heart works and how to breath will be always part of the subconscious because you don’t need to remember to breath. How would you feel if your heart would beat only when you say it to?

Your subconscious is your imaginary intelligence friend who always keeps you away from troubles, who always sets you a target and a way to that target but this doesn’t mean it is good to let your imaginary friend to do it. You are able to control your subconscious and you should control it. In subconscious is where the spontaneity is held so if you are in a business meeting you can’t let your friend to control your actions.

We wonder how we can manipulate our subconscious and how can we have more access to it. Well, the thing is we all have the required resources to do it but we have to learn how to and the learning part is represented by our experiences and how we can remember them without being influenced by the exterior agents. Think about your inner world and meditate, that’s the best thing to do.


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