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NLP - You and about You

Updated on February 16, 2013

NLP is structured on 13 ideas that can help you understand your actions and thoughts. All these ideas are universal but each is important in its own way.

1. You react at your own experiences, not at the reality.

What is a reality? This is hard to describe but if we are referring to somebody’s reality then we are referring to its senses, beliefs and feelings. These three create a map to your inner and you create your own way to the next step by this map, but a map can never be precisely enough. With stronger feelings, emotions and beliefs comes a better map and all these are the result of your own experiences, so if you want a better map you have to experience more and more. The map can never be perfect, but you can try to make it excellent.

2. Having at least one option is better than having none.

No matter in what situation you are, it is ideal for you to have at least one option which can solve your situation. The bigger the map is, closer to a result you are and remember the fact that any situation has at least one solving option, you just have to find it.

3. At this right moment, your choice is the best you can have.

Based on your own map you made the best decisions, so if the map is improving your decisions are improving too. At the moment your decision was made it was perfect for you and your situation, but at that time if you had a better map your decision could be better, or at least different. If you want to help someone in making decision, don’t help them giving the solutions because they won’t know what to do with them, but giving them another map so they can make their own decisions is a solution.

4. You are not broke, you work perfectly fine.

We are perfectly fine and we are doing our work perfect in the most perfect way, but the way that our strategies are created can be wrong and here is the part where problems appear. All you have to do is to compare how your system works with how the others system works and improve your strategy.

5. Everything you do has a purpose.

Yes, everything, but everything you do has a purpose. There are some times when you don’t realize that because of the subconscious and its way to make things happen, but there is always a purpose!

6. Our thoughts are positive.

Our actions have at least one positive thought ( for example: we always want to achieve a thing that we can appreciate and is benefic to us ) . Also, our decisions are influenced by our positive thoughts. If someone will have a better way to solve a situation, be sure that way was influenced by a positive thought from that person’s point of view.

7. Subconscious helps conscious in a good way.

Our subconscious represents that part of brain where all our resources are kept for the right moment. You can have in mind that your subconscious is like a superhero that helps you when you have a bad moment. The purpose of the subconscious is to balance the conscious.

8. The important part of the communication is the feedback.

The feedback can always be different and this is why is better if you don’t have any expectations. The communication between two persons cannot represent a failure, there are just reactions followed by feedback. If you don’t get the results you want, change what you do.

9. We have all the resources we need or we can create them.

Our resources come from our talent. For example there is creativity and we all have it but if we don’t work harder and harder to keep our creativity alive we can’t improve ourselves. The resources are or we can create them, but for that we need to work and improve our skills.

10. Our mind and body represents a system and it is different for each and every one of us.

Our mind and body complete each other. These two create a system and this system thing is kind of amazing. Every change that the body suffers affects the mind too and vice versa. If you break your leg, you are sad and also if you are happy you smile. What happens to our mind is happening to our body.

11. Our senses process all the information.

If you improve your senses, the information you receive will become clearer and you will understand the things around you better.

12. Fake it until you become it.

If someone can do something, then you can do it too. If you don’t succeed it from the first time, try again and again until you do it. If you are afraid that you will become a clone or something like that, just don’t. Remember that your actions are influenced by a map.

13. If you want to understand something, do it!

Nobody ever understands something unless they do it. You have to practice over and over again until you understand what you do!


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