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Never Demotivate A Person

Updated on April 13, 2013

Never demotivate a person. Success of a person solely depends upon his handwork and confidence. Even if you do not get a chance to motivate a person never try to drain the confidence of a person by putting him in pressure of demotivate him. This can be said to be biggest sin you can ever commit in your entire lifetime. You may know the fact that a particular person may not achieve something in his life, but never say it openly, instead motivate him and hope for the best for him. We live only once so take risk and never get disappointed a lot when there is a set back, whereas try to learn from the setbacks.

The usage failure in life is utter nonsense usage. There can be setbacks in life but no failures. Try to be phoenix, fly from the ashes. Each persons life is an example for the next generation. This example or life lesson of that person makes us aware of the facts. In 1940 during the recession, most of the top richest persons either committed suicide or they went bankrupt. Within a span of five years they become richest to poorest person. Dying rich do not count. We cannot take a single penny from here.

So whenever a person is in trouble just encourage him or motivate him. Always be positive. Positive means behavior towards others. This makes us positive. At least try to do nothing rather than demotivating a person.



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      amit 6 years ago

      well said..... grt