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New Face on Mars Found! 2015 Face on Mars Found.

Updated on May 27, 2015
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Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Face on Mars! UFO & Face Found On Mars! Real UFO Video!

Blurred Out Image on the Moon??? Why?

How I Spotted the New Face on Mars 2015.

The night I found what I call "The Real Face on Mars found 2015!" I had been outside gazing at the night sky looking for strange things in the sky some might call UFO's. No I had no alien Sightings on Mars outside that night. I did, however, catch a glimpse of some rapidly blinking UFO's and a few fiery reddish orange orbs. After about a half of an hour I decided to go back into the house and watch some YouTube videos via Xbox on television. I had no later sat down when something in my mind said go download Google Earth. I was taken by the thought at the time, thinking okay.... sure I will go check out Google Earth why not.

So I sat in front of my computer and started to download Google Earth. The download finished and I started looking at Google Earth. I zoomed around here and there saw some cool stuff and then I stumbled on something that said "download Google Moon" cool I thought and downloaded Google Moon. I again scrolled through some interesting things like a big blurred out patch on one of the poles of the Moon. Hmmm I thought... Why is this blurred out? No longer than I thought that an icon popped up that said they had Google Mars. I was very interested in that and quickly downloaded Google Mars. So now I have gone from being outside looking for UFO's to starring at Mars via my computer. I don't know how I never found this Google Mars app before, but now that I have it I will use it all the time. So now I am looking at Mars and this time not even thinking I scrolled right to the image in this video.

The Mars Conspiracy is at an all Time High.

Conspiracies run rampant and the Mars conspiracy is now looking more likely. Everyday we see another Mars conspiracy, recently a Mars satellite "vanished". Random events all tied together, one source the modern day conspiracy. Necessity dictates that well, as Martin Luther King Jr. put it, "The universe bends towards justice." and all these conspiracies will be tied to one key source in the near future.

So why now? How could it be that the best proof of civilization on Mars was found in such a way? I think it is by providence that this all happened. The first thing I realized when I was staring at this "grey alien" or as I know them fallen angel. When the angels left their post with God their beauty over time degraded as they have left the source of life. Life does not get better with age as some might think with Darwin, life instead degrades over time and since these beings live a very long time their beauty has fled from them and now they look like this. I place the picture of King Tut above and when you look at his skull you see a similarity between the footage I got from Google Mars.

So you tell me what are the odds of this formation making an image of a being similar to King Tut? Is there a possibility of life on Mars either in ancient past or perhaps even underground to this day. Is this video the proof of alien life on Mars? I was simply amazed as I was looking at these images on Google Mars. I think the world will be amazed as well and perhaps we will blow the lid on the Mars conspiracy.

The UFO Found on Mars!

I think this video will change everything in time. I mean there are obviously two faces on Mars here! The odds of two heads being created in the sands of Mars are highly unlikely. Not to mention the UFO, or a crown above the King tut looking being. What if Ancient Egyptian beings came from Mars? I think the formation above the crater which is in the head of the King Tut looking being is a UFO like one I just actually witnessed outside the night I found this. I would say this evidence of an alien on Mars is compelling.

The UFO above this being or alien whatever you want to call it, is clearly a UFO. Ironically enough, however, it could also be a crown. Perhaps that crater knocked the crown off this entities head. Right when I saw the image I thought of King Tut I cannot stress this enough. I wonder if ancient Egyptians had some sort of influence by a Mars civilization? Looking at these images I would say yes it is so.

The UFO is very interesting especially the two wings it has. I will post some pictures of UFO's that have a similar make up. This is simply amazing footage of a UFO pictured on Mars. What people build into rock is important and it appears something has been found in the rocks on Mars.

Mars Videos.

Unfortunately I cannot get the picture files downloaded here so you have to watch the video. I will continue to find a way to get these images to this article. I put in the images last so I have basically finished this article and have went to add the pictures but am having no luck. It's making it hard to point out what I am talking about without the pictures so I am slightly frustrated. What I will do is go into the video and add subtitles as to what I am talking about. I will update this hub regularly so feel free to come back and check to see what's new.

So the video is below feel free to check it out and tell me what you think. There are two videos so you can check out either one. The one titled "Full Video of Mars Anomalies" is just that the entire video as I shot it via screen capture device. The first video is the video that specifically shows the images of the "rock faces" this is just so interesting. I do not even know what to call them. The grey looks like it has a ghoulish body or like a sperm tail body. I really do not even know what else to say, the video speaks for itself.

Full Video of Mars Anomalies.

Google Tricks on Mars?

In the end it is up to you what do you think this is on Mars? I try to keep my feet on the ground here I want to wait and see what others think of this video. To me it is obvious almost too obvious. Could "Google" be up to something? Would they purposely place an image of what looks like a grey alien? I know they have tricks the question is how far would they go? Why would they want us to think grey aliens lived on Mars?

There are many questions I have. Why did this happen? What are the odds this would even happen? Looking outside at UFO's walking into the house and next thing I know I'm zooming in on a couple aliens and a UFO. Maybe that's what I wanted to find, even so how on earth could that happen? A man could look for years and not find such a clear image of a being on Mars. Why the massive crater in the head of this ancient being? King Tut was said to have been clubbed to death in the skull. So what does that mean? Is this proof that happened to King Tut? A face off which lead to King Tut being clubbed in the head and loosing his crown? Wow, I just thought of that one and that is exactly what this image is, is it not?

I am glad that the YouTube image is there because it clearly shows the specific part of the video I am referring to. Either way you cannot get over the fact that this is interesting. The odds of me finding it are astronomical. But here we are. Staring at a couple faces and a UFO on Mars. No one knows never will, do you say? Call me paranoid but I think the future holds a vital truth and I think that truth is about to walk right into the future. Be sure to vote in the poll below and tell the world what you think.

Faces on Mars

Do you see the Faces?

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© 2015 Steven Miller


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    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 2 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Thanks again Elke! Thanks for the support here! This is interesting it just might take the world a minute to understand what they are seeing here.

      Whether it be Google adding images or a real image. Either way something is afoot here.

    • profile image

      Elke 2 years ago

      Great hub Steve miller band. Keep up the amazing work. Wish you and your family many blessings.

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 2 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Yes it is strange. Funny always two shills voting that they do not see the faces on my poll. If only I had positive people who followed me around voting my hubs up not down...

      Need more like you Twin. Thanks again it is a very interesting video I recorded off Google Mars that night.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 2 years ago from Minnesota

      Hi Steven-this is really intriguing. I do wonder if Google can create some of this. You just never know. Really enjoyed reading your article and watching the video.