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Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Updated on June 6, 2015

Isaac Newton


Do you Know Newton's Three Laws of Motion?

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Newton's Three Laws of Motion

In order to understand Aerodynamics it is important to understand Newton’s three laws of Motion.. In my hub on Thermodynamics I broached the subject that I would be venturing into the area of aerospace. Thanks goodness for my readers I have NASA and youtube to draw upon for illustrations.


2nd Law of Motion

3rd Law of Motion

In Conclusion

Retake the quiz above now and I bet you score a 100%. In order to understand Aerodynamics you must first understand Newton's Laws of Motion and also Thermodynamics. I will continue to provide you with more detailed information on Aerodynamics later in future hubs but this was just an introductory lesson for you to begin to understand the physics behind machines and flight. This is by no means an all inclusive lesson on aerodynamics or physics. If you are interested in studying physics or science I have several hubs referring you to Harvard, Yale, FSU, Dartmouth College, Columbia UF, Embry Riddle and the Air Force Academy. These are all excellent school that offer a variety of academic approaches to the field of aerospace.


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