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Should there be more restrictions on current gun policy ?

Updated on October 10, 2017

Should the U.S. Government put more restrictions on gun ownership and use?

Even with the current restrictions on gun usage and ownership in the United States I don't believe that to restrict the ownership or usage any further is necessary. Along with the obvious second amendment rights allotted to us as Americans; in which it is stated, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; I argue that even with the current restrictions on gun usage and ownership, illegal gun use and the ability to obtain a gun is possible in the current state and would not cease to exist otherwise. I also highlight that specifically in condensed urban areas and areas that are subject to large amounts of police killings within a community, should the implication of community members and police alike, begin being exposed to gun education including that of; self defense, violence, usage and any state law that may prohibit them from handling in certain ways. The question of whether or not guns should legally be more imposed on by the state is a well discussed one that often leaves both conversation and the country at divide. And although I can come to some understanding of the polar opposition; my claim is that no extra restrictions or laws need to be in place to obtain proper “control” over the matter.

From the Spaniards gathering native women and children with “fire sticks” attached to their hips to the plantation head holding a pistol to the man's ear who dares runaway. I have seen few direct experience in areas where race, class, and gender are being systematically oppressed in the last 200 years alone not supporting someone's right to exercise our right to bear arms.

The pillar for defense in our current system; regardless of how you look at it, has become in the highest form, a gun. We know that those who hold guns hold power, hold a moment where our limbs are stolen; our blood draining and our very lives end. And as our state finds more ways to supply our police force with bigger and better guns, guns used in military combat given to cops who often answer domestic calls; how can we deny that people should have the right to defend themselves against their highest odds, or at least have someone with the relevant knowledge to defend them .

To step away from the national scale; each state alone has its own restrictions or certain policy for gun use and ownership. There are enough policies in place currently that exist to restrict ownership and usage. Examples can include felons and people who experience extreme mental disabilities or 51/50. Even with current restrictions like this people still are able to obtain guns illegally. And as people continue to have a need and pursuit for guns, the market for it does not remain solely to that of the laws in place. I feel that this black market that exists and the pursuit for the product from particular candidates also supports the unnecessary action of implicating anymore restrictions as consumers are going to get a hold of this supply as long as it is in demand.

In 2016 in California there were a reported 982 deaths due to police murders, including gun violence. That is a quarter of California’s population murdered by police just last year alone. It is because of this that I feel that it is important to educate communities within our state and nation on gun safety and knowing our rights. I also feel it is important to provide communities this information for free as it would support that with the current system that is already surrounding the usage and ownership of guns, we can progress in experiencing less violence and casualties with proper education. In San Francisco, police are required to take a training course in which they learn to interact with a variety of personalities prioritizing a non violent approach; one approach including empathy.

Far from the fire stick; guns have and will continue to advance. With the current market for guns only growing wealthier and the staple gun handlers responsible for over a quarter of the state's death just last year I can strongly suggest that there is no necessity for extra implications on the current policy for gun usage and ownership. With the knowledge that people are going to obtain guns whether they're legally supposed to or not, I feel it is important to note that the market for a want such as the gun, will only grow, along with the need for obtaining one. With this said, I can’t bring myself to vouch for the further placement of anymore restrictions on guns and gun ownership, as I feel there is no need with the current restrictions and policies to implicate them any further.

© 2017 Christa Canady


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