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Oops, A Few Guilty Traits of the Would Be Paranormal Researcher

Updated on August 24, 2012

Some things researchers do.... but denie



I am by far no stranger to the field of paranormal research, in fact I have been around for some time. I have done everything from research for various groups all the way to being in the field with Dravenstar. Over the many years I have had the honor of working I have picked up some rather useful tips that may go unnoticed by some. In this small article I am going to look at some of the tips I have discovered and I hope they help you out in your work.

1. We should not believe everything we think!!!! That may sound a bit harsh but sometimes reality sucks. We often feel obligated by some unseen force to present the evidence we collect to other researchers and "experts". This is not entirely bad but at the same time I have found that a non expert or for lack of a better term a lame man can be just as effective a tool for debunking a picture than any expert. Perhaps that aunt you never visit anymore cause her hair smells like cheese could tell you the ghost you have in a photo is actually a reflection from a small pocket mirror.

2. TV strikes again, and oh boy did it leave a mark!!!! WHAT? Everything on TV isn't real? If you honestly thought it was than I have a bridge out in the desert I will sell you and man oh man the fishing is fine. But seriously the vast majority of paranormal television programming is in fact horrible. Many feel that they must do what these TV teams do or they are wrong in their techniques which is just ludicrous. Also just because Johnny Ghostbuster has that $7,000 camera does not mean you have to have it to accomplish good quality evidence. Heck most of the amazing evidence I have seen came from rather affordable gear.

3. We are not at war with the skeptic community!!!! This one is gonna get some e-mails sent to me for sure and those can be addressed at ifyoudothis@youarewrong. First off yes, I do believe that the burden of proving or disproving something lies on both parties. If you do not believe ghosts exist than you are just as responsible to disprove them as I am to prove them. But why do we fight so much with the skeptics? They are not bad people, sure a little dumb and most rather smelly. Just playing guys. They are in many ways an asset to our field keeping us from looking at something natural in a wrong way.

4. Orbs are stupid cause that 4 letter team on TV said so!!!! Wow, once again desert bridge, great fishing and today just for you a real Fuji mermaid. The once cherished orb has taken a big and almost fatal hit at the hands of a popular TV show but I insist not everything that is popular is right and not everything right is popular! Sure most orbs can be debunked with simple skills but what about those that remain without explanation? Those few and far between orbs are worth consideration as true and valid evidence of something we do not understand.

5. Look at all the pretty colors. Guess what boys and ghouls? Mirrors are not the only reflective surface you need to concern yourself with, in fact picture frames, glossy furniture and even Bart's gleaming bald spot can all create reflections that at first glance appear to be paranormal but are merely nothing. (Well occasionally Bart's bald spot will cast an unnatural balance in the humor field of all researchers careful enough to catch the comb over dance about)

6. Look at how this vortex looks just like a spider web, wait it is a spiderweb. Ironically enough, if an image we have captured looks like something else odds are it probably is just that. Never assume that the similarity is just coincidental.

7. EVPs are harder when your partner will not shut up. I must confess on occasion the little mouse that spins the wheel that operates my brain takes a small break and kinda leaves me hanging with no real ability to create a catchy and witty headline and obviously that has occurred with this one but since it is in fact self explanatory we will move on.

8. Not everything = paranormal. Man do I hate the researcher who deems everything to be paranormal regardless of explanation. I could trip and knock over my soda, yell out oops my bad, and the next thing you know flashes are ringing out and you would think Michael Jordan just dunked from half court and now I have the honor of viewing 20 plus pics of my spilled soda and of course myself standing with a look that is 50% disgust and 50% pissed off that I just spilled my soda.

9. Never yell I gotta ghost over here. I hate this so much. This is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded room. I hate this almost as much as the idiots who come running to check it out. In DPRT this is grounds for beatings.

10. And finally boys and girls always, and I repeat always, have a sense of humor. Thanks.

Share your list with me!!!

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