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Best Things To Overcome Laziness

Updated on March 6, 2014
Following some simple things and involving yourself in activities that may make you forget that you were being lazy can significantly help you in overcoming laziness
Following some simple things and involving yourself in activities that may make you forget that you were being lazy can significantly help you in overcoming laziness | Source

Our resistance from doing things is a factor that can be attributed with the problem of laziness. At times when we feel lazy, we tend to become inactive and always procrastinate in one way or another to avoid doing or completing any work. This feeling can sometimes be a big problem and may hinder our productivity levels to a great extent. Getting lazy once in a while is okay but most people tend to stay lazy for like most part of their lives. This thing is not appreciable and must be avoided at all costs.

With few simple and very easy steps, it is however very much possible to overcome laziness. The guidelines that are discussed below can be of great help for those who have to often deal with the issue of laziness.


There is always a reason behind your laziness. Maybe you are very tired, maybe you are bored or it also might be a case of loosing or lacking interest in whatever you want to do or wanted to. The very first thing in overcoming laziness is important to know the source of what is not motivating you enough to do a particular work.


When you are being lazy motivating yourself is something that helps a lot. Just think of the goals you have ahead and consider how important it is for you to complete them. Set some time limit as that also is an important way of helping yourself to avoid laziness.

Another important factor is to take inspiration from successful people. You should ponder that all those people who are successful have never allowed laziness to win them over. They have always kept the lazy factor at bay and that is also one of the important reasons of their success.

Thus motivating and inspiring yourself can be good for you to overcome laziness.


Being productive at times when you are totally covered up with laziness is quite a difficult task. But it is all about your own inner strength that how you overcome the feeling is that matters. If you try to involve yourself in some work and make an effort to stay busy instead of only planning and thinking then it is best possible that you will overcome the laziness that refrains your from doing anything


Whenever you start doing a specific task, always try to complete it first and then sit back. I have seen people who start one work and then move on to the other and then by the time they get back to the first task, they are either tired or get so caught up with other things around them which ultimately leads them to laziness and makes it difficult for them to complete the one task they started before.

Therefore the “once you start and not stop policy” is the best thing to overcome the lazy factor. This way you will know that you have to complete the task at hand first and then do all other things later.


The burden of doing a huge task is always fearsome. The thought of it stresses you much and you keep on delaying the work again and again. Best thing to do in a situation like this is to divide your big tasks in small steps and try to complete them one by one. In this way, not only the task becomes easily achievable but the stress level will also come down a bit eventually leading you to productivity and not laziness.


Laziness can be best avoided if you think of the benefits of the work you are supposed to do. Think of the positive aspects and focus on the advantages you will get out of that. This thinking may help you motivate yourself and you look forward to doing the work avoiding laziness.


Procrastination is one of the biggest things in the way towards laziness. If we say that both laziness and procrastination go hand in hand with each other won’t be wrong. For people who want to avoid being lazy, they have to avoid this habit of procrastination in the best way possible. Delaying your work is not a bright idea at all. You have to get rid of your inclination of procrastinations to overcome and win over the laziness factor.

Thus just by following few simple steps, the obstacle of laziness can be overcome. All you require is a little bit of effort on your part. You should not let other things to stop and distract you from anything. Discipline is a key to success and you have to work out a plan, try your best to bring your life in order and defeat the enemy called “laziness” in your way of productivity.


Learn what are the most required things that you should stop doing to yourself to make your life much more easier and happier.

Learn through this article the reasons to stay strong and not to give up or quit when things and circumstances get difficult for you to handle!!!


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