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Updated on October 21, 2010

Remember My Name



On the first day of school, one class of first graders was greeted by the teacher, "Good morning, children." "Good morning, ma'am," the children responded. "I am your new teacher. My name is Miss Krunt," introducing herself. "Before we start our lessons, I want each one of you to introduce yourself to your classmates," she added. Then, one by one. the little children introduced themselves.

The next day, the children have settled in their seats and the teacher came in. She greeted them and they greeted her back. "Yesterday we introduced ourselves to everybody, wasn't it? What is my name Johnny?" she asked the cutest little boy seated at the back. "Err...Miss Prussy...uhh...Miss Pussry...Miss Trits." The little boy was obviously confused. All he remembered was that, it was something obscene with a letter "r" inserted somewhere in the middle.


A group of new recruits of paratroopers was on its first actual parachuting experience, having finished weeks of training and lectures on the ground. The men were briefed by their trainer on the proper procedure and preparations before jumping out of the plane. "...and as you jump, you shout, Geronimo," completing his instructions.

One by one, the men jumped shouting, "Geronimooo!" Then came Johnny's turn, and jump he did but immediately reappeared asking, "What was the name of that Injun, again?" 


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