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People Don't Change; Seasons Do.

Updated on June 18, 2011
People don't change Seasons Do
People don't change Seasons Do

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Inviation: Declares,"YOU are the most fascinating person to get to know!"

When you got up this morning, at some time during that period, you looked in the mirror. But, did it dawn on you that the person who stared you back in the face was not the same person as the one who looked at yesterday? The season changed while you were sleeping and you may not even be aware of it.

Do you really know who you are looking at? Do you care? Does it matter to you that you will spend every waking and sleeping hour with this person, whoever it is, sharing your deepest most profound thoughts, ideas and convictions? Instead of merely glancing at the reflection you have grown so accustomed to, take time to observe the facial expressions revealing inner motivations of latent content.

More importantly, get tot know this person who has consumed your mind. This mysterious fathomless person demonstrates enormous fortitude, determination, strength of will and irresolute character. Infectious humor is buried just waiting to be examined for the reality of your most passionate dreams.

What is important to you today will be important to you always. The problem is: you don’t KNOW what is really important to you. WHY? Because, you won’t stay still long enough to study the most important subject in the world: YOU!If you are too busy to care; you are way too busy. Nothing is more important than getting to know the real you.

You’ve never considered how very important you are and how necessary it is to observe yourself. Sure, you know what your favorite color is, food to eat, car to drive, clothes to wear, people you THINK you like to be around but other than those superficial niceties, that’s about it.

Stop. this minute. Look directly in the mirror and ask that other human being: "Who are you? What are you doing deep down inside of me? Do I give you enough expression? Do I ignore, blame or criticize you too much? Do I diminish your most vital needs and artistic pleasures? What do you want; I mean, really want?"

It’s probably never even dawned on you that YOU are the most important subject there is and without getting to the source of you, nothing else matters.

And, moreover, you can never know the subject of YOU unless you remove the pre-conditioned spectacles you choose to wear. “What spectacles?” The ones, that enable you to continue to see you in the manner of how you want to be viewed, {instead of who you genuinely are} and allow you to fabricate and maintain the others in your life who support the same self-serving/sustaining light.

Let’s face it; nobody wants their precious illusions disturbed, most especially regarding themselves or their lives. But, unless you are willing to ‘turn the tables over’, you will not find what you are looking for; Y-O-U.

The fact is: you spend a lot of your time creating and involving yourself in every conceivable meaningless task you can think of so you won’t have to face the unresolved dilemma you carry around. “What dilemma?” Not feeling connected, productive or sincerely interested. The majority of the time, you feel like a phony.

You want something, ANYTHING, to happen to make you genuinely care. {Give a damn} but, NOTHING ever does.

So, you go on pretending, playing your games, saying the words, creating more drama…. looking on the outside for someone, somehow, somewhere to do it for you. Or, more noticeably, you keep waiting for him/her/things to change.

“People don’t change; seasons do.” That’s a natural born fact. (A universal LAW)

Wrestle with it as long as you like but you’ll still have to come back to the sole Marquee on the billboard, displaying the one and only truth: “Aint no other show playing in town but yours!” You are the Only story you’re interested in and the only one that matters. It’s a “Get to KNOW you program.”

Realize it once and for all. You’ve simply got to get with your own program by signing up for the title/course/subject of ‘what matters to YOU!’

How hard can it possibly be to observe what's taking place inside of you? Certainly, you can take enough time out of your day to 'stop' and notice how you are genuinely feeling at rhe given moment when something has supposedly tripped you up. Instead of emotionally reacting, simply be still.

There's reasons for all things; though, you won't ever know what they are.

It’s a secret affair of adjusting yourself to the season that is upon you. The changing of seasons can reveal so much but you must be aware of which one you are in. You wouldn’t wear a bathing suit in the winter time, would you? Here’s the deal.

You are totally dissatisfied with being dissatisfied! So, what are YOU going to do about it? Not the other person, YOU! You ALWAYS have an agenda. You are never without guile, lust or intent. Did you think you were? If you did, it is only because you have been somewhat successful in convincing yourself that you are more compassionate and caring than you really are.

How inconvenient. More layers you must strip away in order to discover what’s driving you. Look at all the clever ways and seemingly undetectable means you invest your time in trying to prove how ‘loving’ and ‘good’ and ‘decent’ and ‘considerate’ you are.

But, how many times do you say, “after all I do, he/she still doesn’t appreciate me?” You continually try to cover or sublimate it. Why? Because, what you are really looking for is: Benefit. That’s right, benefit or more precisely---pleasure. “Aint nothing wrong with that.” Every human being seeks pleasure; it’s a natural as eating hot dogs at a ball game.

But, at least, call a two-legged riveting green animal, who lives in a pond, eats flies, hops and jumps a FROG, ok?

Let’s get down to brass tacks. {Remember those spectacles? Before answering the following questions, take them off. Lay them on the bedside table.} What do you spend your time doing? Where does your attention flow?

Where do you find your mind wandering? Think about it! What meaningful, beneficial, pleasure filled activity are you currently engaged in that brings you true soul’s fulfillment? What are you exchanging the hours in your day for? What truly makes you happy, contented?

How much of your time do you spend trying to make sure a familiar type of proposed security remains in tact in your relationship/job/life?

Have you decided that a certain person, familiar way of life, particular job, comfortable relationship, uninteresting career or non-challenging method of doing something, including your choice of religion, will bring to you or keep you pretty well insulated?

And, if so, are you bored out of your mind? How restless are You? How easily do you snap? {Suspicious, sarcastic, nosey, jealous, resentful, bitter, envious, impatient, apologetic, guilty} By now, you are probably remarking, “Well, of course, I feel some of these things, doesn’t everyone?”

Defense mechanism. Better put those spectacles back on before we go any further; might even need to lace up some steel toed boots, too. YOU are a DEEPLY DENSE THOROUGHLY THORNED INTRACATELY IMBUED WOBBLEY WEBBED WOVEN subject! In other words: it hurts to trek where you’ve only danced around the perimeter.

Sure, you may be a little interested in investing further ‘the subject of you’, but not if it involves too much work and certainly not if it requires the disrupting of your current state of affairs no matter how uncomfortable or miserable.

Human beings are pretty amazing creatures; we can endure the most intolerable circumstances and still smile. Since we all know how frightening it can be to open ourselves to the idea that we don’t have a clue as what it is we really want much less how to go about getting it, we remain silent and subdued.

Ponder this. You know what you know and that’s all you know and you won’t learn any more until you admit you’re ready and willing to leave behind what you’ve grown so accustomed to (the jammed idea of yourself) so that you may incorporate more of the not yet experienced.

You moan and you groan but you won’t make that one little concession: to seize the self-liberating call that beckons you.

What do I mean? I mean you must be willing to recognize that you are spending monotonous days fooling yourself. Instead of investigating, discovering, unraveling, exposing and utilizing your innate talents and gifts, you are squandering them in needless repetitive commotion with whatever means you prefer to lull and keep yourself asleep.

You either eat yourself into oblivion or exercise yourself into a heightened frenzy! You complain about the rain like it’s going to make it stop. You don’t want anything to disturb your present way of life and you certainly don’t want to be bothered with exploring the opportunities and potential lying dormant inside of you.

Sure, you can read about it, talk about it, attend seminars on it and maybe even fantasize about it but when it comes right down to doing something about it: here flood the excuses! You’re on a debilitating spiral. It’s entirely up to you how long you’ll wear the numbing glasses.

It’s like going back to Disney World; why re-visit the theme parks you’ve already seen simply because it brought you joy and pleasure once upon a time? That was a long time ago. You were comprised of a different set of cells, then.

Show up for your life, now. Try something much more adventurous and daring. [Maybe, even embarrassing. Embarrassment usually hides an enormous aptitude.] There’s a lot to see; a lot to do. Again, I ask you what do you spend your time doing? Working. Fine.

You may be working but is your mind working on other things? What things? Are you incorporating any of these THINGS in your every day experience? Are you setting aside moments in the day to explore the avenue of interest that resides in you?

And, IF you don’t have an inkling of an idea of what may interest you, do nothing else but find out. It’s the key to your overall well-being. There’s no doubt that you have unresolved problems {whether they be financial, sexual, mental or emotional}.

You are mad as hell and don’t even know why. These unresolved problems contain constrained rage, which is nothing more than unexpressed creativity. {Or more specifically unchanneled sexuality!} Certainly you can play the old blame game but that don’t get you ‘nothin’ but tired, frustrated and exhausted. You sound like a broken record.

Remember: every body’s got a story, so what? Some tell it better than others and some wallow in it better than others. Either way, it’s high time you closed that chapter and began another one.

Then, and only then, will those unresolved problems (fixation on what you don’t have; comparing and competing for someone’s attention or affection, believing you have been short-changed in some way or manner, stuck in the past, not showing up for your present life) that you insist on staying marred up to your eyeballs in will melt like butter on freshly harvested grilled corn of the cob.

The truth is it’s impossible to be cheated in this life. It can’t happen. You get exactly and precisely what’s coming to you. Your name’s on the important tightly wrapped cellophane package. What address will you be sending it to?

The one marked: “Ready to receive”, or “No, Thank you, not interested?”

Tell us all about it!


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    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 

      8 years ago from The Great Northwest

      THis is a really good hub and I am very admant about people learning to self-reflect. Taking time out to spend on themselves. I did this regularly growing up and I thought is was just because I was an only child and got bored sometimes, but the skill has really helped me out a ton.

    • katyzzz profile image


      8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Brilliant thoughts from a brilliant mind. I take heed.

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Life is a series of changes. One must change from a bathing suit in the summer time to a coat in the winter. The essence of the totality {soul} of YOU is what never changes. IT embraces the day with all the myriad of events, circumstances, situations and various occcurrances for the reactions, responses and relative processing. You are so correct in saying that "opportunities" are constantly presented for our individualistic creative expression and experience of them. {They come and go as do leaves on a tree but the tree itself is never altered.} Thank you so much for your comment and reading the ariticle. I appreciate your insight.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      In my experience opportunities are constantly changing and presenting themselves.

      People have the opportunity to change their thoughts with the ability to grow and make positive change. I am still working on looking deep inside and learning and discovering a balance in the "receiving department" vs. well as deserving.

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      10 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Thanks, Needful Things.

      I will start breaking up the writing. I appreciate your comment.

    • needful things profile image

      needful things 

      10 years ago from Poland

      Ahhh... but my Dear people do change.

      A good read this hub is. Try separating the text into different capsules. Thumbs up Ma'am!!!


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