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MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Soul's Chosen Assignment A Divine Agreement

Updated on November 10, 2013

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

The Unveiling
The Unveiling | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Ancient Esoteric Arts and Sciences: Innate Wisdom

Stop balking! It's high time to give yourself permission to thoroughly enjoy, while artistically creating, your life! With no reservations, apologies, excuses, defenses, or explanations, live as if you want to be alive!

No more pretending to be happy and satisfied while silently engaged in and on a volatile emotional roller coaster set on target to explode. What an unfortunate "time-released" emotional accident waiting to happen!

No need to wear various disguises in an attempt to diminish the overwhelming anxiety. It never works. The fused valve of repressed anger finds an outlet at the most unexpected places and unlikely times.

When you try to maintain a pleasant 'facade', it requires an enormous amount of energy that could be better executed in productive enjoyable projects. Suppressed anxiety becomes a real problem when you let the ideas of 'being denied' start to infiltrate your mind, coupled with an overt idea of being restricted.

No one likes feeling inhibited or overlooked. You begin to believe others are benefiting at your expense. (paranoia) The exaggerated problem of flowering paranoia results in an action of silently sulking which produces snide remarks and unwarranted sarcasm. A volatile verbal explosion is brewing.

Ignited tension builds unnecessarily as you 'more than' realize the blatant fact that you have no idea where or when or on whom the repressed mental explosion will occur.

Mark these words: "The day will arrive ." without your consciously invoked participation of when and how you will explode. But, it will not be under the circumstances you choose or how you would expect. Yes, the dreaded occasion will arrive when you unload on some unsuspecting soul 'some of the pent up repressed anger' you've accumulated.

To add insult to injury, you will end up feeling guilty for your acting so inappropriately. Then, what will you do? You'll apologize, which diminishes your integrity. And, then you'll try to explain your unwarranted actions. Ha! It's a ferocious self-defeating cycle. A ridiculous merry-go-round. It's so pointless and futile to continue to live like this.

You can't work long enough, hard enough, focused enough to get rid of that gnawing restless irritability. What can you do? Cease being so concerned with the other and concentrate more on doing those things that you truly enjoy instead of seeking a predetermined outcome. You are wasting time, energy, effort and mental creativity, for what? Merely to get older, more bitter?

No amount of money is worth that!

When is the last time your checked the depth and tone of cynicism in your voice? If you can detect it, others have been hearing it for years. Give it up! It's robbing you of your sexual prowess. What are you waiting for? What do you think you have to lose?

Why are you trying so hard to maintain a fictitious facade? Have you ever really stopped to sincerely ask yourself what it is that truly floats your boat? What is genuine pleasure for you? Are you engaging in it? We, as humans, are inhabiting Earth in order to enjoy our personal chosen pleasures.

If you are not totally subdued in authentic joy(pleasure) your every action is gauged by fear and control. Fear that you will lose the security of familiarity and the control that is necessary to uphold the horrendous story you've created in order to feel safe, important, powerful and materially maintained. Blow that fearto smithereens!

Why spend such untold life-supporting energy and inherent youthful sensual life force trying to control situations and people who really bore and upset you? It's pointless for the both of you. The other ends up feeling like he/she is in prison, furious about the situation, while you are tied down being his/her so called "guardian".

Incidentally, that's real 'turn off sexually'.

Eliminate the need to be the warden. Humans are perfectly capable and prefer to take care of themselves. What do you say? They need you? Ha! Give me a something of essence to hold onto. (and, you too) Allow the other person the privilege to dispute you.

Allow him/her to disagree and desire something entirely different from what you think he/she ought to want. As a matter of reference, the only reason you are trying to think and decide for him/her is because you believe it benefits you in the long run. Totally untrue; even though you betting your involvement, otherwise.

The absolute worst experience you could ever go through is betrayal, (or so you think) followed by abandonment which is always attached to the event. But, as surprising as it may seem, no one can betray you except yourself. The betrayal level is inside your head!

No one, no time, no place, no how has the power to betray you The same goes for abandonment. The abandonment you think you experience is solely linked to your refusal to accept your personal soul's assignment.

You decided some where along the path to sublimate or delay your desires in exchange for the journey or presence of another You inappropriately decided that his/her life was more interesting and fulfilling than your own.

So you jumped ship to board the train of the other person's life. But make no bones about it, you were not guileless in your attempt. Your motives were premeditated and clear. You undertook the mission believing 'at sometime' you would benefit and gain something of worthwhile value that would increase you and your happiness.

IF, nothing more than to alleviate loneliness, you stopped short of being honest and authentic.

Or even more delusional, you somehow contrived in your own mind that you could and would add beauty, joy, love, happiness, support or benefit to the other. HA! Wrong! So totally wrong!

Self- betrayal started in the very first moment you saw and seized the opportunity for so-called unity. No such thing. You are a solitary creature already united. No need to try to join with anything or anyone.

You must maintain your own presencewithout the grand display of forfeiture. When you supposedly made the attempt to join the other person's efforts you forfeited your own.

If you don't establish and make the natural effort to 'flow without resistance' you will end up erroneously believing that you can be, have been, will be cheated in some way or another but this is not true at all and never can be.

Self-betrayal begins and ends your self-absorbed paranoid plight. Stop looking to another whether Divine or Human for your salvation and redemption. Realize once and for all that you are a Master Manipulator who is totally self-intoxicated!

No need to apologize but worse yet is to deny. You are perfectly fit for the task at hand. Whatever your particular Soul's Assignment decrees, you are up for the task. You were born with every asset, talent, gift and ability you would ever need to unfold and evolve; no other person carries any extra ingredient to add to your pie.

You are a walking enigma to behold and bestow. You are the MOST important subject there is; you will always be.

You have always known this but have invented clever undetectable entwining ways to either cover it up or mask it in some way or another. You wanted, desired, craved the attention you received when you thought you were perceived as a "nice, caring, loving, interested and concerned' person.

But, what happens to you when you think you've been misunderstood or unfairly judged? You may have felt some sort of guilt for feeling so competent or vain. So in order to deny those belittling and contradictory feelings you exaggerated (acted out) in apparent loving and attentive ways.

HA! Bull shit! You are not concerned with anything or anyone more than you are with yourself.

If you do not see this fact: continue to be flooded overflowing questions regarding immeasurable PAIN that overtakes your body with no definition of origin or explanation of inventory. See how concerned you are and for whom.

Loving? Who do you love when you are hungry, cold, tired or in need of relieving yourself in the bathroom? You are literally 'scared to death' of your indifference. You can't possibly process much less tolerate how much you don't care.

Until you realize and accept that you are a self-absorbed creature who does nothing without a desired result, you will remain in nebulous misery never really appreciating the sacred source.

Whether it be emotional, financial, mental, physical or spiritual, you will in no wise be free until you admit that you are self-sustaining and do nothing except that which ultimately brings you pleasure.

You simply want to be entertained, fed, sexually stimulated, housed, clothed and allowed to empty your bowels when necessary. These actions boil down to one solitary motivating factor. You NEED to express in whatever way feels most natural and convenient for you.

It's not selfish. It's the most selfless act you will ever enter into. It's all a matter of understanding and appreciating that nothing is disconnected from your existence.

When you finally relent and give yourself permission to enjoy life to the fullest with all its myriad pleasures without feeling guilty, remorseful or filled with anxietyridden regret, you will be able to entertain the unique purpose for yur being alive.

You are a richly endowed sexually sensually artistic sacred soul who demands explicit earth experience. You are an artist in search of his/her art. Discover it and you will liberate your self-defeating patterns of insult and demise.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences celebrates you as you discover your brand of ineffable passion! Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind. Use it to set you free. No need to be mad. Be glad with yourself and your mystery to unfold.

You are the most fascinating subject you could ever study. Unravel yourself in fullness. Learn things about yourself that will not only surprise you but liberate the hidden gifts you possess. You are so talented; you are pregnant with such divine inspiration.

You inhabit all of these self-induced concepts that incorporate enormous gut-wrenching truths. It is everything you do, say, feel, enjoy and dislike. It's simply YOU expressed in the highest and lowest levels (one and the same). You are the only one who can and will decide to study the most important subject in the world: YOU!

Are you ready yet? Then, do it! Open the door for incredible therapeutic entertainment. Nothing like you to entertain you. Find out what thrills you the most! When you uncover your particular SOUL'S ASSIGNMENT, you will be entertained and artistically inspired beyond belief. No other avenue will do it for you.

No other person alive can do it for you. You alone possess the creative "Treasure Chest" of salvation's unexpressed artistic talent. You will choose to exercise your innate gifts at your own pace, in your own time and under your own conditions. That's the deal for real. No more balking. It's showtime!!!

Guess what? The only salvation (MODE of Cosmic Therapy) going on is taking place within you right this very minute!

It's totally in the Esoteric Psychological MODE; Masters of Divine Essence. Aim for the stars; that's where you came from and more importantly where you will one day return!

The Long Winding Journey
The Long Winding Journey | Source


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      That which resonates with us, calls us. Nothing comes before our face without it reflecting a very basic desire in us. I so enjoy the mirrors of dear ones, such as yourself, who connect creatively with a hidden aspect of their soul they choose to share. Sing the song that's indelibly implanted in you!

    • catnip09 profile image


      9 years ago

      So much power and passion! A lot to absorbe but, Your writing is like poetry. Good stuff for the soul in a world where everyone wants you under their heal.

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your insight. I will visit your place since I'm brand new and know very little about how anything works around here. Best to you,


      Paula Andrea

    • prasannasutrave profile image


      9 years ago from mumbai( india )

      Very nice hub.

      I have one suggestion for you,if you don't mind.

      I observed your paragraphs are too long,spilt it in two or three parts.

      So your will hub will look nice and more attractive.

      Also you will get many useful information on google AdSense from my page,if interested,please visit.


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