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Protection from Cyberbullying

Updated on August 23, 2016

Protection from Cyber Bullying

With the internet, text messaging, ipods and numerous other sources of cyber tools things like bullying are no longer just done in the school yard and classroom. Our high-tech age makes each of us vulnerable to all possibilities including cyber bullying. Whether it is done in school, on the job, within an abusive relationship, by an employer or whatever the setting, bullying can be a deadly act. Imagine, not being able to receive relief. Internet bullying can continue regardless of where you are. Looking at it from that perspective we can see why cyber bullying could be more deadly than what you receive in a school yard.

The news program #CBS This Morning, interviewed Mary Aiken, explained that Cyberpsychology is "The study of the impact of emerging technology on human behavior. 'Cyber' refers to anything digital or tech - Not just online." Her book is entitled, #The Cyber Effect, which "examines impact of technology on people." Aiken, focuses on how vital it is that "children need eye contact." Are parents so focused on what age they should introduce their children to cyber space, rather than the role they will play as the monitor of themselves and their children in technology? Within the report Mary was also asked about "Cyberbullying in the U.S. among middle and high school students, 25% have been cyberbullied in lifetime, 16% have cyberbullied others." She also went on to discuss a study of psychopathic traits of such things as trolling where "trolling is a manifestation of everyday sadism." This is serious evidence that cyberbullying has demonic effects on its participants. Decent, God fearing individuals do not want to perform such hateful acts toward others.

So what is #bullying? The following definitions explain how a bully, "browbeat; treat others abusively; one who is habitually cruel to others weaker than himself; to vex by teasing." So what is cyber bullying? Basically the same definitions given in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary with technical application. These negative connotations are carried out by the bully, against the victim by pressing computer keys. The bully attacks the weaker person by using the internet to tell personal things about the victim. Nothing within the information may be true but now it is out there for everyone to read. Imagine if the weaker person, the bully attacks is severely depressed. Now the thoughts of all these lies out there on the internet, along with struggles of depression can be a deadly combination, especially if the victim of the bully does not seek help. This can bring on a mental breakdown, causing the victim to contemplate other options. Suddenly everything is hopeless and even the desire to live is considered because of this hopelessness. Although this bullying is done through the internet, it does not change God's opinion based on Psalms 11: 5 which says, "Anyone loving violence His soul certainly hates."

Protecting ourselves from #cyber bullying should start as each of us learn how to relate to each other. The book Take Action Against Bullying says, "Unless new behaviors are learned and adopted, bullies continue to bully throughout their lifetime.They bully their mates, their children, and possibly their underlings in their place of business." So bullying affects all of us in one way or another whether now or in the future. If we are experiencing this problem, we must maintain balance even when we are under pressure. Do not fly into "a fit of rage or burst into tears and express hurt or fear, the bully is getting what he wants. So he may try to provoke the same reaction again and again." If this occurs what can you do? This same article suggest that you should keep your cool and do not give into rage. Remember that you are a person of great value.Thoughts of revenge can backfire so just get away from the bully.

Years ago, I experienced this with a bully in my Christian congregation. Rather than expect her to leave, I left. This gave me time to clear my head and pray to Jehovah God for help to deal with this situation. In another situation, I can remember hoping that my niece would leave the area because she was married to my nephew who was a bully. Even after they had separated, he went to her job and killed her and himself, leaving their two sons without parents. Bullying is a serious issue and in the end, vengeance will be dealt with by our Grand Creator just as he dealt with the bullies before the flood of Noah's day. We should therefore pray, show perseverance and put faith in God.

We must also teach bullying prevention within our homes to our children. Statistics on bullying in schools recently showed that, 71% of the kids have been bullied and 60% have bullied. As parents when we teach our children not to bully, we can learn lessons to apply in our own lives. This can help reduce bullying of others in our daily lives. We must stop bullying now because it hurts and is detrimental to its victims. There are too many different types of bullying today that starts from childhood right into adulthood. Whether in the school yard or on your job, our social interaction skills must be improved.

Anti bullying programs must continue to be taught not only in schools but also in our everyday adult lives. That is why more programming on television, movies and books are needed to instruct us on how to deal with bullying. By focusing on anti bullying practices, we can change attitudes and hearts by learning to love and respect each other. When we practice this simple measure of love, cyber bullying can be eliminated along with other facets of negative practices and traits. No matter how many movies, television shows and books we write, if we do not apply true Godly love toward each other, bullying will continue to exist. In order to protect ourselves from cyber bullying and other wicked traits of hatred, we must simply love and respect each other. Think about it!

Beat A Bully Without Using Your Fist.


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    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 7 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      How sad it was to hear the experiences of the young people on "Good Morning America" who talked about depression which has caused some of them to try to commit suicide. As parents we must admit this is a serious issue and be determined to help our children whenever see various changes in their lives such as eating and sleeping habits drastically changing. We must maintain a close relationship with our children so that when they do get depressed, they can come to us as their parents and discussed their concerns.

    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 7 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      My daughters were shocked when they heard about the young girl that was cyberbullied into suicide. As a parent these type of issues need to be addressed so that we can try to help some young person that may need help before they make that same mistake.