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Questions to Ponder

Updated on April 8, 2009

 I have a few things that have been on my mind... things some people may wonder about.

Why is it, just when things start gettin' good, the evil starts creepin' in again?

Why are men so CLUELESS sometimes?

Why do people (especially those who call you "friend") refrain from calling, stopping by or including you when they know you'd like the company?

Why is a cupcake called a CUPcake? It's not made in a cup.

Why is it, when you're sick or under the weather, the weather is beautiful outside, but... when you're feeling great and wanna get out, the clouds start rollin in as if it's gonna rain outside?

Why is the word rocket spelled r-o-c-k-E-T and not r-o-c-k-I-T?

Why aren't elephants pink?

How does fabric breathe?

Is violence ever justified?

Why are some people overly sensitive, while others just "go with the flow?"

How many children can one woman have in a lifetime?

As far as creation, what is the purpose of a rat?

What, exactly, is an appendix and where, in your body, is it located?

Why are people racist toward other people?

Would you want to go back to simpler times... when there was no television, only radio shows, and no cell phones, only rotary dial phones?

Why do some students today feel it's o.k. to disrespect teachers, other students and handle situations with vulger language and violence?

Will people in the world ever be satisfied with what they have... not always wanting more, more, more?

Why isn't there a multi-colored crayon, to represent the culmination of the melting pot in which we live?

Can religion make people better themselves?

Is chocolate really an addiction, or can we (women!) just take a "pass" on this one?



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    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 8 years ago

      That was an enjoyable read Audreana. I too, like you, ponder over questions, one of which is about "time." You'd find a hub on the same by me.

      Questions make life interesting. Without them, how dull and boring would life be. Thanks for this nice hub :)