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How to Save the Earth?

Updated on March 4, 2015

The moment we are born, we start to compare, and race against humans for our individual progress. In this race, we keep running and running and we forget who we are and what we came here for.

Life is meant to be lived and not compared. We all are given the status of human beings and that itself makes us Equal. We have all attained that status then, WHY run and tire us out mentally and physically? Why don't we try to think about something else other than US since ultimately the circle of life will come back to us?

How about we race to save our planet?

If we all unite and take steps to make the necessary changes to save earth's resources, we could make this planet a better place for us and for our future generation.

Why don't we run for some motive such as saving our planet from Global warming? We have to just tweak our lifestyle a little bit and try to accommodate with the minimum rather than getting hold of all the things we need to survive.

Most men love challenges, right?

Then why don't we try to live in a civilized world with the pretense that we are camping out in the woods. Let's us think of the time when we go camping and we can survive those 2 nights without the comforts of city life. In fact, we all come back with a smile on our face and are rejuvenated.


Sure, living with nature always helps the mental being of a person but besides that we were without the clutter of our everyday life, which we depend on for every small thing. We learn to accommodate and we learn to be happy with our minimum resources

Ways to save our planet

We can make subtle changes in our life such as:-

  • Limit the use of water. Man should try to limit the use of Water by being aware when the tap is ON and try to conserve the usage of water. By using Cold water, one is limiting the use of Electricity, which helps our environment.
  • Let us try to plan our trip when using the car ,which will help reduce green house gas emissions by an average of 1590 pounds per year.
  • We are very smart humans thus, need to keep our self active to stay smart and that can be achieved by some physical exercise so, let's try to opt to walk or ride a bicycle to work, school or any place that is possible.
  • Carpooling also helps the human being to commute faster and since humans are social animals, they will get company in the car while driving which will help them keep entertained talking to a live person rather than listening to the radio all alone. Every Car NOT on the road makes a difference.
  • Recycling can help reduce pollution and also help the conservation of our resources so, think twice before you dump the can of soda. Make sure you put it in the Recycle bin.
  • Compost helps reducing the amount of solid waste we produce in a year so, by reducing the amount of solid waste we produce will help take up less space in landfills and our tax dollars can work somewhere else. Compost also helps make a natural fertilizer.

Let us try to adapt the 3 R's in our lives:--Re-use, Reduce, Recycle. This will help our Planet, which in turn will help us sustain on it for generations to come.

Let us all unite to race for our Mother Earth. So, Let's all line up and let us start our Race...Ready Set GO!!

There are various ways to create awareness amongst the children about our planet. This hub talks about the different and creative activities that the kids can do for fun and be conscious of their HOME.


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