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Real Humans With Superpowers and Special Abilities Around the World - A Glimpse of the Future?

Updated on August 20, 2011

What is genetic mutation?

Textbook definition of gene mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence that makes up the gene. Polymorphism is what causes normal variation in people such as eye and hair color or the blood type.

Genetic Mutations and Amazing Special Abilities

Genetic mutations is a fact of life and is responsible for innocuous adaptations in humans such as hair, eye and skin color and unfortunately, genetic disorders. Genetic mutation is what allows humans and animals to adapt to dynamic ecosystems and changing environments as they move around the continents and is the basis for the evolutionary phenomena. Genetic mutation is a gradual process that occurs over several generations (unless accelerated by mutagens) and is rarely expressed as a phenotype in individuals as an observable trait. A recent research carried out at the University of Copenhagen indicates that every blue eyed individual can be traced back to a common ancestor. As per the research, every human on the planet used to have brown eyes, brown being the color of the pigment responsible for skin color, and that a single mutation around 10,000 years ago caused the reduction of melanin in the iris giving rise to the blue eye color.

In some of the individuals, genetic mutations occurring over several generations seems to have accumulated to endow them with special abilities and super powers that stand out and cannot be categorized as mere talent. Here are some of the documented cases of real humans with real super powers.

Esref Armagan - The painter without eyes

He is one of the most remarkable human being with a superpower, a heightened sense of touch, depth perception and perspective. He was born blind and and has never been able to perceive color. Yet he is able to accurately measure objects with just his fingers and reproduce the image on paper with fine perspective details like objects receding in to a distance, something that even sighted people find very hard to do. What's more astonishing about his superpower is that he can draw images on paper with true color details, despite never having seen any color in his life.

The real Batman

Ben Underwood - The Human Sonar

Ben is another extraordinary boy with a real superpower - echo-location. He lost his eyes before the age of 3 due to retinal cancer but realized later that he could make sense of his environment by making a clicking sound with his tongue. He can play video games just by hearing the sound and throw a dunk with a basketball using his echo-location. With some years of practice, his sense of echo-location has become so acute that he can even beat most people in fuseball, skate freely on the roads, perform bicycle acrobatics and make out objects on the streets such as fallen trash cans. He truly is the real life batman.

Chinese Monks - Super heat generators

These Chinese Buddhist monks are qigong masters, who can manipulate the flow of energy through their bodies and have control over their body metabolism rate. By using a meditation technique, the monks can lower their metabolism by sixty four percent. Besides controlled metabolism changes, the qigong experts can concentrate body heat and increase the temperature of their toes and fingers by 17 degrees. The high temperature changes helps them survive extremely cold temperatures. The superpower the monks have is called pyrokinesis. In the video, an advanced qiqong master projects his energy through people. In the second video, a shaolin martial arts expert uses his energy to throw a needle through a glass and burst the balloon behind the slab.

Which of these superpowers would you like to have?

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Another Qi expert is a healer from the java island, except that he was born with this ability and had to practice very little to make visually powerful. He is nicknamed Dynamo Jack because of his superpowered Qi manipulating ability. He uses it to move objects and can even set things on fire rather than just raise the temperature of his fingers like the buddhist monks. He does not only have pyrokinetic abilities, but his ability to move objects borders on real life telekinesis.

Real superpower - magnetism
Real superpower - magnetism

Liew Thow Lin - The living magneto

He is a retired worker in Malaysia with the superpower of magnetism. A mutation causes his body to be highly magnetic. His body attract several kinds of metals including iron and he once made a record of pulling a car more than 20 meters on a road through an iron chain attached to his body with an iron plate. He is not the only one with this special ability in his family, his children and grandchildren also have magnetic bodies, proving that the mutation is hereditary.


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    • profile image

      Matrix24 5 years ago

      do you believe in cross species genetics if it could be done but human tested you could have a super inhanced human with all sorts of genes like to be able to reproduce body parts legs or arms like a lizard does have echo location like a dolphin have senses of a spider and also be able to climb walls like a spider and shoot webs from your arms and more.

    • stunnercold profile image

      stunnercold 6 years ago from Dubai

      Thanks for the comment nspeel, there'e a lot going on out there than we know.

    • Nspeel profile image

      Nspeel 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach

      very very interesting i actually read an article on a top news site in japan about a baby girl able to move things with her mind. I have no way of telling if it was true but i would not doubt it. Wonderful article voted up