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Choosing a Rehab Center

Updated on June 12, 2013
You can find help when you go to a rehab center.
You can find help when you go to a rehab center.

When you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can seem like you are completely stuck. The addiction has a hold on you so strongly it colors every part of your life, and usually in the very worst of ways. Maybe you can’t hold a job. Maybe your marriage is falling apart. Maybe you are even in trouble with the law, driving under the influence or something worse than that. It can seem you have no choices because everything goes back to your addiction. But you do have a choice, the choice to get better.

If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, there are rehab centers in every state and city in the country that can help you. They can give you the tools and the time you need to get your head straight and your life moving again. And, not only do you have this choice to get better, to check yourself into a rehab center, you also have many choices of which rehab center to attend. Rehab centers differ in the kind of treatments they offer and the philosophies they work under. There is a rehab center out there that is right for you.

The Science of Rehab Centers

For some when faced with the troubles of drug or alcohol addiction, the best recourse and greatest relief will come through the facts, through the help of medically trained doctors, counselors, and staff. There are many rehab centers throughout the country who rely on the latest developments in treatment addiction through drug therapy, the study of brain chemistry, and research into the ways the body responds to drugs of addiction and alcohol. These rehab centers use scientifically tested methods of patient counseling to deal with the problems at the root of addiction while treating the body at the same time. These are the state of the art in rehab centers.

Christian Rehab Centers

For some, however, science can only be one part of the recovery process, the facts and the medicine only one prong in the quest for freedom from drugs and alcohol. For some, the spirit needs healing as well, and for these people God is the source of all health. As the Bible says, man cannot live by bread alone. For the man or woman who requires guidance of the soul as well as the mind and body, Christian rehab centers are the clear choice. These centers base their addiction treatment on the principles of the Christian faith and on the wisdom of scripture. The doctors and counselors you will find at these rehab centers believe it is only through God’s strength and mercy that freedom from addiction is possible.

The 12 Steps to Recovery

A great many rehab centers take as a central philosophy the 12 Step Program. This program guides the choices a recovering addict will make in his or her journey toward healing. The 12 Step Program is a set of guidelines championed by such well-known groups as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Many rehab centers in the United States and the world over have adopted the 12 Steps as well. Based on the ideas that there is a higher power at work in your life and that you are responsible for your actions, the 12 Step program has had enormous success in helping rehab centers help addicts to become drug and alcohol free.

Alternatives to the 12 Steps

Though thousands of people all over the world have taken the 12 Steps to heart in their recovery process, others have found this program lacking for various reasons. As such, rehab centers have been developed that challenge the tenets of the 12 Step program, believing that it can sometimes do more harm than good to the fragile mind and body of the drug or alcohol addict.

There are rehab centers on both sides of the faith versus science debate that reject the ideas of the 12 Steps. Some rehab centers who help those looking for scientifically based recovery object to the 12 Step Program’s reliance on a belief in a higher power. These rehab centers serve those who are not believers in the traditional sense. On the other hand, there are Christian rehab centers who also reject the ideas of the 12 Steps. Because these steps do not specifically address the concerns of Christians, the rehab centers look closer to home for guidance, to the word of God as found in the Bible.

Find the Rehab Center That’s Right for You

The upshot of this discussion is that only you and your loved ones can choose the kind of rehab center that will serve your best interests. Whether you are a person of faith or one who believes strongly in the tools of science, you have a great many choices in rehab centers. A center that believes in the same things you do will be much more effective in helping you recover from addiction.


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