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Natural Constipation Remedies You Can Easily Find

Updated on October 29, 2013

Constipation can be a hard topic to talk about. For one thing, it is kind of embarrassing. No one like to talk about these kinds of troubles if they don’t have to. For another, it is a very private issue and it’s not something a lot of us want to discuss with anyone we meet on the street or at a café. Yet, from constipation in toddlers to the elderly, it's a very common problem. If you don’t have to live with constipation, and none of us actually do, then you shouldn’t. And finding the information on treating constipation is the very first step.

There are actually quite a few constipation remedies that folks have discovered over the years. Some of these remedies are very simple and some require a bit more planning. In any case, when you are looking for constipation remedies you want something that will work and will work quickly but will also provide long-term relief from the problem if it can. Read on to discover some of the very best constipation remedies.

Feel trapped by constipation?  Constipation remedies come in many forms. Find the right one for you.
Feel trapped by constipation? Constipation remedies come in many forms. Find the right one for you.

Household Constipation Remedies

When looking for constipation remedies, it may be that you will not need to look any farther away than your own home. Many of the foods we commonly have in our kitchens can work as good constipation remedies, although some of us may need to do a bit of shopping.

First of all, what you eat, the things you put into your body, are one of the most important things to think about when dealing with constipation. Often, constipation can be linked to your diet, to eating foods that cause the condition or not eating the foods that can keep it at bay. Getting plenty of fiber in your diet is not only healthy, it is one of the most effective of all constipation remedies. Eat plenty of high fiber breads and cereals to increase your fiber intake and at the same time stay away from processed grains, which can actually increase your susceptibility to constipation. Also, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those with high fiber content. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Water is essential to keeping your digestive system working well.

There are other common foods that work as constipation remedies as well. Both honey and molasses can be used as an effective and mild laxative. A tablespoon of these liquids a couple times a day can be a sweet and helpful constipation remedy. The addition of a bit of healthy oil to your diet can also help lubricate the intestines and serve as a laxative. Olive oil is a healthy alternative oil that tastes great when drizzled on bread or over vegetables. And let’s not forget coffee as a way to stimulate the digestive track and get things moving. The ingredients in coffee that give it its bitter and nutty flavor act as a stimulant to the intestines and is thus one of many constipation remedies employed by many people.

Honey can be used as a mild laxative.
Honey can be used as a mild laxative.
Aloe juice is a strong laxative.
Aloe juice is a strong laxative.

Herbal Constipation Remedies

There are a number of natural herbs that can be taken as constipation remedies. These herbs are usually found as supplements that are taken in a pill form. For short term constipation relief, some people have found these herbs to be quite effective. As with over the counter constipation remedies, you should be careful not to depend on herbs too much. Your colon can become used to the high stimulation that both these herbs and over the counter constipation medications can have and thus less sensitive to smaller stimulations that occur more frequently during your day. As a result, this can aggravate the problem of constipation.

One such herbal constipation remedy is that of the juice from the aloe plant. Aloe can actually be quite a strong laxative. The senna plant is another of the strong herbal constipation remedies available, as is the bark of the cascara plant. All of these herbs can be potent stimulants to the digestive track and as such can be very effective when used on a periodic basis.

Over the Counter Constipation Remedies

Of course, there are the over the counter drugs and laxatives that are available at any pharmacy or supermarket in the country. The wide availability and use of these constipation remedies attests to how effective they can be for short term constipation relief. As was mentioned above for herbal remedies, over the counter remedies should probably not be part of a long term solution to constipation.

But whether you are looking for a remedy for occasional constipation problems or something more persistent, there are treatments that many people have found to work and work well. Take these constipation remedies and live a life free of this all too common complaint.


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