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Review of the Oregon Scientific WMR86 Weather Station

Updated on February 21, 2013

A Nice Weather Station for the Home

I was looking for a good weather station for home use but I was not looking to spend much over a hundred dollars so I really never considered the top of the line models like the Davis 6250. At the same time I was looking for something that had a few more features than the more basic thirty dollar models so after doing some research I decided that the best choice for my needs was the Oregon Scientific WMR86. It offers all of the features that you would likely need from a home weather station without requiring the expense of the high end models. This is my review of my experiences.

I ordered my weather station from Amazon, mainly because of the price that they offered but also because of the fact that there are surprisingly few places to buy home weather stations other than online. It took about a week to arrive at which point I got started at setting it up, this proved to be more a of challenge than I was expecting. The instruction manual was fairly easy to follow but there was a lot more work involved than I was expecting. I did however eventually get my station set up and working the way that it was supposed to.

Once I had everything set up the first thing that had to be done was to check the station for accuracy. No home weather station is completely accurate right out of the box so this is something that I knew that I would have to do. Once I got everything adjusted and dialed in I found that accuracy was quite good. It is not up to the level that you would get if you were using a professional station but it was still better than I was expecting for the amount of money that I spent.

I am generally pretty pleased with the Oregon Scientific weather station but there are some issues that I do have with it, the biggest of these is the range of the sensors. You have to keep them pretty close to the main unit if you want them to work properly. This is not a huge problem for me and it shouldn’t be for anybody else with a standard sized yard but if you have a big property it can be a problem.

I would recommend the Oregon Scientific WMR86 to people who are in need of a good quality weather station but are not prepared to spend big money. This provides more information than most people would need so if all you care about is the temperature, dew point and pressure you can save your money by getting one of those thirty dollar units. If you are really serious about the weather it may be worth it for you to spend a few hundred dollars for a professional quality station. For the large group of people who are interested in the weather and need more than basic information but who don’t want to spend hundreds on a weather station this is an ideal choice.


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