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Rough Rider’s History with China

Updated on October 7, 2015



Chinese Writing

While I am not proficient at Chinese. I could barely learn the 6,000 characters. I did manage to make this translation. It comes from a family heirloom from New York in 1896. I would love to hear my readers thoughts on this translation and Asian American relations with the USA in 1900. I would conted they were great and that Asians were well loved back in 1900.

Rough Rider's??

Who were the Rough Riders??

The answers might surprise you. The Rough Riders were an international diverse group of individuals who agreed on the survival of the USA.m They were not just African American soldiers or freed slaves but graduates of West Point, doctors, lawyers and from all walks of life. Some were young and some were old. Their only commonality was their skills in battle and their loyalty to their leaders. They were individuals who were so good at being soldiers that is all they are remembered for. But diversity was the key to their success and I am about to show you just how diverse the net was cast when it came to the Rough Riders. In time I will be able to prove exactly which countries sent soldiers in to fight for the Rough Riders but for today I wish only to dispel the myth that Asian Americans are a relatively new phenomena on the battlefield in American History. They are not. Asians have been in this country since the beginning and I mean the very beginning. And to acknowledge that the Rough Riders were a necessity born from the World Trade policies of 1900 which I might add William McKinley was shot over with a lead bullet. Lead bullets are not a nice way to meet your ending. The assassin knew metallurgy which spoke volumes to who was behind it especially since metallurgy was not commercially available reading in 1900.

In previous writings about the Rough Rider’s I have mentioned that JEB may very well be related to the Rough Rider’s as I have a signature of a Bush from Brooklyn. My family who created this heirloom was also living in Brooklyn at the time. What was obvious from this heirloom is that there was great divide in the country over international trade and the separation of classes.


And Then The Unity

From this divide in politics and policy became a unity amongst and between people of New York that this Nation would be restored and made whole. That world trade in of itself was not a means but a means to an end. And that it had to justify the excesses by creating new opportunities for the masses of this country which is missing in this World Trade packed now and if not then trade agreements would be broken and we would enter into a world war. What we did not know is that it would not be one world war but two. I believe World War II was but a continuation of World War I but that is a historian argument for another hub. Rough Riders were representatives from all over the world that would came together to unite and fight for expansion of USA territories For prosperity. That sounds completely distasteful now days it did provided economic opportunity for the USA to prosper and is part of our constitution for those strict constitutionalists. It was a way to get children out of sweat shops and in schools. And it seemed, things for a while, did get better because the world tried to make things better in the USA.

China's Involvement in World Trade In 1900

China’s Involvement

And while it maybe be an inconvenient fact, not really we love China here, China was part of helping the USA prosper in the 1900(s). As per the picture above from 1896 in Chinese, it is written. The Original Intention of Men if Good.

China has always and will always be a very good ally to the USA.

China Involvement in WTO Then and Now; Will the Result Be Different?

American History, Asian History and World History with a Little of My Family History.

This one heirloom represnts my German Family Bible but also provides details about Amerian History, Asian History and World History. In Conclusion I think it is a mistake to ever consider a long time ally like China to ever be a threat to the USA. China is perhaps our best and strongest supporter. While there have factions within China that were anti-American, it is no who China is today. Today the average Chinese person just wants to be embraced in American society. I have be friends with many Chinese students in graduate school. We were all in advanced math classes. I love the culture and the people.

While I have read Chairman Mao's book I have also read many Chinese philosophers and embrace China and encourage their integration into the world.

Because if we have learned anything from history it is we have learned nothing!


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi teacherjoe52,

      Can you make the translation? I have but it was a challenge. My peers in college were always the Asian crowd. And I was raised to believe China was our great ally and friend. Therefore I believe we have the opportunity to have a wonderful relationship with China as we have had in the past 100 years. China will always be apart of this country as we will always be apart of them.

      Even when the media and propoganda of both countries seek to divide us. We will still unite.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      All My Best,


    • teacherjoe52 profile image

      teacherjoe52 5 years ago

      I live in China and can tell you there is little differance between the under forties here and the ones in the states.

      Very interesting article

    • profile image

      Jt walters 6 years ago

      Thanks Ruffridyer,

      What is most interesting about it is that it is a real heriloom. It is all real. I think I have written three pieces on it so far. I am working to have it preserved. The Smithsonian wants it but for it homewares which discounts it military history. But I guess Iwll work it out with the Smithsonian or I will work it out with someone else.

      All My Best,


    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      An interesting hub as usaul