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Rough Riders' History

Updated on November 13, 2015
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JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. A former Campaign Manager in a Senate Race.

Rough Riders Heirloom/Artifact


The Rough Riders History

What does it take to make a Rough Rider and how does that translate in the year 2013? Well there are many answers to that and I will perhaps just provide you with a few suggestions. As you can see in this image the words "Rough Riders" appears at the top and center of the photo. It is a wonderful military history/presidential history heirloom that belongs to my family. We have spent literally over a decade paying for and completing research on it and yes, it is real.

There many other photographs that I will share in time with, you, my loyal followers. And I will reveal what made our first all volunteer military and its genesis in time.

As a writer and a historian, I have tried to be more practical than blogging about this heirloom but I have met with quite a bit of resistance in preserving it. It seems some history can easily be forgotten but with that in mind I will share my decades worth of work. It is a find and a treasure to have this piece amongst us. Florida is rich with history both military and presidential and we should be very proud of that fact. As we are proud of our diverse military who come from all walks of life and serve and protect our country. By honoring this heirloom, I honor all who have served and let it serve as a reminder that no service to this country is ever forgotten or unappreciated.

But I tried to blog this piece of Military History on google and I hit a wrong button before inserting pictures and I couldn't edit it. I am embarrassed to admit I hit the wrong key and I lost the article before it was complete but I did. And so being knew to the blogging world it is my hope that blog disappears. It would seem I have a lot to learn about blogging before I can do justice to those who have served via that forum. So my first lesson on line has been humility.

Many of the individuals were family members of mine and were Rutherford B. Hayes appointees. The heir loomed is signed by Theodore Roosevelt and William McKinley as well as several well known people. I will have to be more careful in the future because the message is clear on that artifact/ heirloom we honor all of our voluntary military service members. Blogging is perhaps not the most sensitive way to relay this message and I need to be more careful when hitting buttons. I do believe this piece was once featured in the local paper, The Press Journal, but sadly the feedback was, "Theodore Roosevelt never gave a congressional medal of honor to a black soldier.". That has to be on the Roosevelt's and not on this historical piece because this piece centers on themes such as "diversity is a strength" and "patriotism to our country" that dates back to 1896 and forward.

So what does it take to be a Rough Rider. I would submit it takes the ability to accept other cultures to create a shared culture. I would also submit it takes a steady hand that doesn't accidentally hit the publish buttons when blogging.

By the way, Buffalo Soldiers were Black. The first volunteer military a.k.a "Rough Riders" were also fully integrated while segregation was still conducted in public facilities. Vision, purpose and patriotism was their unification and perhaps those characteristics were what made the Rough Riders.

Rough Riders

Could You Be a Rough Rider?

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Theodore Roosevelt Congressional Medal of Honor

Do you believe Theodore Roosevelt should have awarded Black Soldiers the Congressional Medal of Honor?

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Inclusive Society

Do you support inclusion in society amongst all populations?

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Diversity in America

Do you think diversity is a strength or weaknees of America?

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World Trade

Is World Trade a good thing or a bad thing for America?

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Honoring Military Service

Do you honor all military service personnel regardless of their background.

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Follow Up Readings and Resources

Before anyone becomes to upset about the quizzes and polls they are just that quizzes and polls. I can recommend Theodore Roosevelt's book The Rough Riders. I have read it and it is almost historically accurate. Wallace Dailey from Harvard was kind enough to give me a copy of Theodore Roosevelt's papers and even Theodore Roosevelt acknowledge not all of his records were kept precisely. He was in a war and record keeping wasn't the first priority. That is why I am glad I have this heirloom that provides more historical background but I would never begrudge Theodore Roosevelt. Historically, I judged Theodore Roosevelt better then his critics about the congressional medal of honor. Perhaps because I knew Theodore Roosevelt believed in and trusted people of all kinds of diversity and perhaps it was more important to Theodore Roosevelt to set a standard of inclusion for all Americans instead of celebrating the milestones.

I could be wrong. I am certain all of you will set me straight.

Follow Up

As I edit this hub today I have adandoned my career blogging. Sadly, I am not interesting enough to write a personal blog.

My research has lead me to the origins of the Rough Riders and subsequently my family. It can be found in Washington DC. We are have made contact with the group to which my family belonged. If the Government ever re-opens we will go to DC and meet with our family's lodge.

It has been the most amazing adventure to finally find the origins of this heirloom and the Lodge which it is associated. We look forward to meeting everyone and we only have about three weeks before we leave.

This heirloom has lodge history, my familuy history and American history all converging on it. It has been an amazing gift left to me by my family from 1896. I wish to share the entire story with you once we gave traveled to DC And have made a decision where the heirloom/artifact will be preserved.


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    • profile image

      jt walters 

      8 years ago

      Nice to meet you and thank you for your comment. I read your profile and I am following you now as well. I lost my Mm on January 6. And we love LDS.

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      An interesting hub.


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